blog time..

So I felt it was time for another blog post.
But I don’t really have any idea what to write about, as my life isn’t very exciting nowadays.
Finished my essays on tuesday,
celebrated with a disappointing appointment at the hairdressers, slowly getting used to it though.
Not 100% sure on the bleaching, i’m just worried it will be horrible, cause this colour i have now is quite safe.
Today I printed all the tickets, bought some stuff for my cousin’s baby girl, who’s coming soon:D
And i’ve worked out too, having a lil dance session with mr. Dan Karaty.
Had some more of the pizza I made yesterday for dinner, and now I am watching the latest episode of Supernatural. poor Sammy..
Tomorrow it’s mcfly:D yay, looking forward to see them one last time before we head home.
I’ve started some basic packing too, just a few dresses and some shoes, just stuff i know i won’t be needing now.
I’ve figured I get insanely restless when I’m done with my essays,
but I am glad to use it towards something good like exercise, because it’s healthy:)
Still doing my crunches and push ups every night:D I am hoping there’ll be some result showing eventually.
Yeh, I guess that’s about all I have to tell really, at least I got a blogpost out of it.
have a nice weekend everyone, and I will try my very best to enjoy mine

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4 thoughts on “blog time..

  1. dougielee

    aww i feel like im so boring been lately, i do apologize

  2. you kinda have been, but that’s ok..
    cause you’ve been very happy..
    and that matters so much more

  3. Yay fer essayan! Yay fer McFly! Yay fer sommerferie! Yay fer træning! Yay fer at dåkk snart kjæm heim! 😀

  4. Woohoo! Done with the Essays! ^^That’s great.

    Awh. Carmz is jealous..again.. Once again you get to see McFly and I don’t. Scream a little bit for me, will ya? :3

    Have a nice weekend IdaPida! ;]

    Peace out * Carmen

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