Hair disaster?

went to the hairdresser today, and you all know what i used to look like yes? with my fresh funky hair do:

old me- the hightlights in that is the colour i wanted..
this is what she gave me:

it’s not cool or fresh or anything.. it’s just dull.. ugly.. i hate it..
i’ve never been upset over a hairdo before.. but this one i proper hate..
i mean the colour is nice, but it’s not the one i wanted.. it’s faaaaar from what i wanted..

I don’t feel like myself with this hair… it is making me angry and sad..
I think I’ve decided now that Renate is gonna bleach my hair later on, to make it lighter.. more like how i want it..
i can handle a woops or two

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9 thoughts on “Hair disaster?

  1. Karina

    I don’t think it looks like a disaster, dear, but I sure know the feeling. Once, my hairdresser cut the hair that’s under all the other hair (really bad explanation!) very, very short, and the hair on top was in the length I wanted. I couldn’t even get it in a pony tail…

    I’m sorry she had to make your day a bit less great… :/

  2. nothing seems to be going my way lately..
    as i said i don’t mind the colour really..
    i just dont want it on my hair..
    because it’s not the colour i asked for..

  3. Awwww im sorry to hear that hun!
    hope it gets sorted tonight. best of luck.
    p.s let us know;) xxx

  4. dougielee

    you know i do think it looks nice, so it’s not a disaster. Could be worse. Loads worse!
    But yeah, change it if that’s really something you wanna. You’re the one having to wear it.

  5. Karina

    Answ: Yeah, it was really sad, but I guess that how life goes. When I chose that job I new I had to be prepared for it, I just hadn’t imagined that it would affect me so much…

    And I completely understand that you’re beginning to get enough of that Susan Boyle, she’s been proper covered in British news lately, hasn’t she… 😉

    A destress day sounds really good right now, I’ll have to see what I can do. The time that lies ahead will be pretty stressful, that’s for sure. But somehow, I’ll get through it. 🙂
    Thank you. Just for… Being you. (:

  6. i know it’s not horrible..
    but oh.. it’s just not what i expected or wanted..
    it’s too.. normal..

    we’ll see come friday, that’s when we have time to do something

  7. Æ synes det såg stilig ut æ, men va vanskeli å sjå skikkeli på bildet. Men om du ikke e fernøgd, så synes æ du ska gå tebake dit du kløpt dæ å sei ka du ikke e helt fernøgd me. Da fikse dæm det sekkert gratis! 😉 Ingen frisøra vil ha missfornøyde kunda og dårlig PR!

  8. Camilla

    Ååå :/ Syns d va veldi fint æ 🙂

  9. Camilla

    Hihi, ka kult bilde æ fikk 😀

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