Essays, summer and bullshit

So today I finished my essays, and I am pretty much officially on my summer break.
A day of joy, it was after I finally found an available computer to print them.
Then I realised the essay I handed in last week wasn’t registered and when i talked to the here2help lady she did not know what had happened. But Renate knows I handed it in, she was there with me..
I paid all my fines, handed in most of the books, except for the ones for my dissertation.
and did the same at the city library, then I went to TK maxx, because I felt like spoiling myself after that shocking my discovery..
Guess what, my card was declined, not only my visa, but my mastercard too..
And now that i’ve checked my accounts I have no idea why that happened..
I sent them an email asking what was up..

So yeh my day of joy suddenly turned into a bad one..
Yeh I am still done, but since my day has already so bad, it will probably turn out that I fail both essays, actually they won’t be able to find the one that’s not registered either to make it complete..
only good thing is that I have the house to myself just now..
so i can scream out loud if I want to..

But I am looking forward to Renate coming home to eat pizza with me..

yeh i’ll stop there before I end up completely ranting, and maybe i’ll post something more positive a bit later on.
when i’ve cheered up

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3 thoughts on “Essays, summer and bullshit

  1. SV: dei blir realisert, når eg får dei 15-20 tusen kr eg skal få av mamma og pappa;)

  2. Karina

    Oh no, they didn’t! All of that in one day, no wonder you feel a bit down. I wish I could give you the biggest hug ever right now, but since that’s somewhat impossible, I’ll just write that I<3u. And you’re one of the best persons I’ve learned to know over the last years. I hope they’ll make your cards work again, and I’m sure they’ll track down your first essay.

    Good night. 🙂

  3. Aaaw, du ska sjå alt årne sæ! Dem finn den dem ha rota bort, å du består!

    D me kortan kan æ itj jølp me, d kan tenkes d bare va nå gæli me sentralen eller no sånt, ikke veit æ, men sikkert ikke nå fali 🙂

    Love u ❤

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