Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sunday again, time flies..
I was gonna start my uniwork now, but ended up on my blog instead.
Funny that..
I have two days to finish two essays, but I think it’s gonna be ok.. so I am allowing myself this break.
Woke up early today, more like half 7, and browsed various websites, did some situps, had breakfast and a shower.
All refreshed and ready to go.
Weekend was cool, celebrated the lovely Sarah’s bday on friday, wasn’t really gonna drink much but ended up with quite a few drinks by the end of the evening..
At least twice as much my dear Renate, yet she still manages to get pissed beyond belief.
oh well we had a good night, I learned two new chords on the guitar.. C and Dm i think it was..
now i just need a guitar so I can practice hehe..
I do want one tho, I really wanna learn how to play well..
On tuesday I hand in my last essays for his term, and I have to sort out what books I am bringing with me back home for my dissertation..
Can’t remember if I wrote about my plan for the summer on here..
Of course there’s work.. i hope to get loads of shifts.. wanna work as much as possible.
And I am gonna spend a few hours each week on my dissertation, cause I need it tbh..
and I am gonna help out around the house, hang out with friends and just don’t spend every waking hour online..

But atm, all I am thinking about is that we’re heading home in 9 days..
I am so in need of getting away from here from a while..
because i need a change of scenery.. i know it will only take a few weeks before I am bored of being at home too..
but i don’t care.. hehe. i cannot wait to get home..

this turned into a blog about absolutely nothing at all..
I’d best return to my essay.. gonna finish at least one of them today:P

bon voyage or something..

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5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Lykke te me jobbinga me essayet! 🙂 Ska sjøl sitti å lesa på eksamen æ, så du e ikke alein om å kjed dæ 😛

    Håpe du hi fri sånn at du kan kom å feir bursdan min når æ ska feir den 😉

  2. Aw, I think you’ll do fine, Ida =)
    It’s impressive that you spend so much time on uni work, even on Sundays 😉
    I’m having a break at work, doing the stuff you’ll do this summer, we’ll be partners in business – even though away from each other! Or something like that ^^
    Have a good day, my dear, and be sure to take a little break when needed.

  3. you know karina, i am gonna try and go to aalesund and see my mum this summer..
    maybe we should meet up?
    i haven’t been to visit her in over 2 years..

    and Monica,
    d e saa tamt, ae har liksom ikke kommi aarntle igang enda ae

  4. dougielee

    I am tired I am, all that kopparberg vett, saett mae ut heile helga hehe

  5. Lykke til med siste innspurten med skulejobbinga! 😛 Og håper du får en fin ferie når du kommer deg heim 😉

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