back at the library


Yeh I’m back in the library working on my essay, and it is going slow. James Joyce and D.H.Lawrence are afterall not my kind of flavour when it comes to reading material..
I’ve spent several days this week doing research for it, so I better get some words down.
Just finished the introduction and it is only midday, so it might be getting somewhere..
Yesterday was cool though, cause I was working on my Harry Potter essay and with that the words kind of just flowed easily.
Sure i have a lot of work to do on that one too, but I don’t worry as much about it.
If I do not get at least a strong B for this essay I will end up with a 2:2 for my bachelor pretty much.. unless i suddenly transforms into a straight A student next semester.. yeh like that’s likely to happen huh?

me and Renate went by the tanning place and spent 12 lovely minutes on the sunbed, feels a bit refreshing afterwards.
and it is good for the confidence to be a lil’bit tanned.
on my way to uni after I popped by mander centre to get Sarah pressie, since our girlie turned 19 yesterday.
and I picked up something for myself too..
yes it is more hairbands.. i just really like them, and these were lovely and colourful, so there ya go.
photo-174 photo-175

I do not normally wear all three at the same time, but it was easier than taking 3 photos right?
I think good considering all the temptations there is for a shopaholic like me in a place like the mander centre.
Tonight we’re heading to Telford to celebrate miss Sarah,
which should be good fun, getting a nice little break from the stressfull uniwork..
at least it isn’t sunny today so I do not feel as bad about sitting inside, nor was it nice yesterday,
if the rest of the weekend can just stay like this then that’s great..
then from tuesday the weather can be perfect?
sounds like a nice plan to me that does.

This morning I’ve been yawning and sneezing all over the place..
I’d very much like to be back at the house in my bed, snoozing hehe..
even though i am looking forward to a break from the house, I do enjoy spending time in my bed.

but there’s so much to do over the last week that i think i’m gonna be home before i know it and that is slightly frightening.. cause that means i am only one semester away from a bachelor in English:O

anyway my break shouldn’t last any longer..
this is Ida signing off, to do some more work..
wish me luck..
i am not allowing myself to go home untill I have at least 1500 words.
which is still another 1300 words away..

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5 thoughts on “back at the library

  1. troiks

    I loved the hairbands, Ida, they’re so cute! ^^
    You’re doing well, and I can’t wait for you to have that bachelor “under your belt”

    Answ: According to this page;
    it wont be out until the previous release date, the 17th. No idea why. 😛

  2. Kikki

    awww, cuuute hairbands!! and u’ll have those words 2day, I just know it 🙂 already 850 words, and that means only 650 words 2 go b4 u r allowing urself 2 go home 🙂 it’ll b done in no time!!! *proud of my Ida* and I can’t WAIT for u 2 b home!!! yeeeeeeyyy

  3. dougielee

    what did you get sarah btw, i don’t even know! nice hairbands that is, well done dudette i love you

  4. Morsomt bilde øverst ^^ Og søte hårband! Skulla ønska æ passa det å 😛

    Og så flink en student du e! *thumbs up*

  5. Siri

    you have my sympaty! Æ e mektig lei av å skriv,æ har faktisk fått ont i arma mi å må ha på støttebandasje!!! Fine hårband da =D lykke te me skrivinga!
    BTW,sett du i en liten boks?? hihi

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