life of a student

Like most students I do not spend enough time at the library working my ass off..
But I have done yesterday and I am in today..
A girl needs a break..
So I decided to write a blog, cause I felt like it..
and it is more fun than the stupid modernism essay which is proceeding ever so slowly.
would’ve been helpful if i could actually make sense of the research, why the heck would i wanna take such a stupid module?
bleh to that.. (you are right Katrine, there is a lot of stuff that seems to be bleh to me)
I bought myself a chocolate and orange muffin that I can have for lunch so I will last a bit longer..
I know a muffin ain’t exactly healthy and I am trying to be good..
Cause I wanna loose those lovehandles for the bikini season..
and when I said that I kinda wanna do the bikini body work out dvd we have.. maybe next week, cause i’ll have time for it then..
come Tuesday, I should be done with two essays and my worry after that is finishing my packing to go home… because guess what it is only 13 days today… and sorting out what to bring home for my dissertation, preferably do a lot of photocopies as I do not feel like bringing my own bodyweight in books home.

also this morning I made a great discovery, Australia’s next top model season 5 was up on youtube.. if that will be updated on wednesdays.. i am pretty set.. cause ANTM is usually up around thursday.. and then supernatural and ghostwhisperer usually on fridays and saturdays.. unless it is a rerun week.. which the tv network seems to like a lot

oh well I guess it is back to the books now.. my break has lasted long enough..
as my parting gift here’s the song i’ve been hooked on for the last week..
I know a lot of you don’t like it so do not click it unless you want it stuck on your brain for the rest of the day.

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9 thoughts on “life of a student

  1. Katrine

    you’re allowed some blehness!
    and god should really forbid that song! I clicked…. stupid little me clicked and that awfully catchy song is now printed in my brain for weeks and weeks again…. gaaaaah! I’m so weak.. =(

  2. well i warned ya m’dear and i aplogized.. it’s glued to my brain too..
    but i quite like it…:P so i guess it is quite different

  3. troiks

    Is the muffin with both orange or chocolate, or did you get a orange muffin and a chocolate bar? xD I’m sure you’ll do better than you expect, because when you put as much effort into it as you do, it’s bound to pay off… Many students don’t even try! I’ve got some lovehandles to take care of as well, they just seem so attached it’s hard to convince them to go…

    And I think it’s best if I don’t press the play button, because I just got it off my brain for a while 😉

    Answ: Thank you so much! The mock exams in Norwegian isn’t a very big deal, or scary, as the other might seem, but it matters a fair share when it comes to grades… It’s difficult to know right after if you’ve done well or not, because the gut feeling can be extremely mistaken sometimes. 😉 But I’m certain that I wont flunk. 😉

    Yeah, the local derby will be fun (I think you can use the word “derby” in English too… (?). But it’s a bit scary too, I don’t want my home team to make a fool of themselves right in front of the whole country, haha.. But it’ll be good fun no matter what, I think, as long as we remember that football isn’t what the world evolves around…

    I heard that the cup decisions for the first round had been made too, I think MFK is going to Måløy some time soon… Those matches are always fun, because even though the outcome should be clear, some teams can easily surprise 😉 Aw, I’ll hold on to that. But to me, you already are a princess. ❤

  4. Ja! Det manglet en E i therese, stakkaren var så full, så full!
    Jeg har det så morro jeg kan få hatt det med tanke på all skole og jobbing og! I morgen er det 1.mai treff, det kommer til å bli knall bra- artister, gode venner og drikke 😀

    btw, en får et bilde av Terkel i lua når du ser Terkel i Knipe- og drikker HVER gang de banner! Tro meg- det er ofte, og når de banner kommer det ofte mer enn én stygg glose.

    Sjokolade og muffins er bra (for smakssansene og hodet), og mens en studerer er det akkurat det en trenger, sånn i blant. Jeg skal forresten ned med en sjokolade nå, og lese biologi! -.- ukult.

  5. d var forresten en muffins med sjokolade og appelsin hehe…

  6. dougielee

    sounds like a good muffin that does. and the song does not.

  7. Kikki

    ohh choc and orange muffin!! yes pleeaase!! and blog writing is def a nice break from studies 🙂 hows the modernism essay going? u r a good student I have to say!!! :):):):) xoxoxoxxxx

  8. it sure is.. as is top model haha

  9. Top Model e gøy, my artiar enn å studer i affaill! Men lykke te fortsatt me essayskrivinga 😉

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