i gave in

I have zero willpower,
not fair, my bank account is in serious pain..
I bought the shoes.. those gorgeous ones i wanted so badly.. they begged me to…
and the shorts.. but with the student discount 500NOKs ain’t too bad i suppose..
There’s still so much I want.. I am buying that mcfly hoodie at leicester if there’s any left..
i also want that sexy leather jacket thing Renate bought today or one from primark who’s slightly cheaper..
and then there’s food, utility, sunbeds…

I’m gonna be skint by the time I come home..
I am slowly getting worried cause I cannot seem to stop myself..
I’m a lean mean shopping machine..

pointless blog really.. but I need help I think..
Don’t I?

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8 thoughts on “i gave in

  1. Huff, skummelt når det blir sånn, meeeen er jo gøy med nye ting da 😉

  2. troiks

    I don’t like it when you feel this way when getting something new :/ It’ supposed to feel good, and I’m sure itll come to that later on in the process. I feel your pain, and I have a bit of the same problem too… It’s not nice, but it’ll get better. 🙂 ❤

  3. nah it is just now because i know i shouldn’t have shopped hehe…

    ae like tingern min ae, men d koste jo saa my peng:P

  4. lucendorat

    Every time I feel this way I remember: ‘I could be spending this money on drugs, on medicines, hospital bills… But I’m not! It makes me happy and it worth every penny’. Always works. Really honey, you deserve it all.

  5. you know, i’ve never thought about it like that before..
    it makes a lot of sense, i think I might use that perspective…
    and just try and control my urges a bit more hehe


  6. dougielee

    that’s a nice way to look at it that is

  7. kaylorlana

    I think a lot of people have tendencies where they cant help themselves but BUY the product. There are these boots i really want that are only AU$50 but ive been holding myself back because they will still be there the following week and the $50 could be used for something more important. But i understand what you’re saying .. the NEED that is really a WANT.
    Check out our blog, we have a post about ‘Shopaholics’ 🙂

  8. I need a link to it then i’ll definitely check it out 😀

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