A neverending shoppingspree

I have lost count on how many times me and Renate have said that today is the last time we’ll shop before hometime.. yet we keep going back for more.
We are rubbish at this saving money thing.
and we always manage to find an excuse as well..
such as it’s friday, or maybe it’s saturday.. it’s such a nice day..
or i’m blue i need a new shoe.. (usually you buy two i know.. but shoe rhymes on blue)
or such as now, we’re not getting that lovely, perfect appartment we’re sad let’s pamper ourselves.. an excuse we used today as well…
I am however very pleased with pretty much every single buy we’ve done recently…
thought i’d show you some photos, most of my outfits are from new look, but the odd item is asda george or primark..

dsc00263 dsc00264

jffb5e 35n4m7k

photo-127 photo-128

photo-131 photo-132

250mbup oihkzs

a2ywi r29cgl

this one i got for my cousin’s wedding, and i actually really really like it..
but i need shoes.. and i will show you them as the first item on my wish list.. cause even though we’ve been shopping like crazy there’s still more stuff i want:O


can’t you see these with that dress? they’re £45 tho, so i dunno if i should get them.. they’re limited edition and everything tho.. so they won’t sell them for that long..
next item, would go nicely with the purple top i got:
finally this is an item i am gonna get even if it is £45, because i haven’t bought any hoodies before and this one looks well nice and comfy..
I wouldn’t mind the person in it either tbh…

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10 thoughts on “A neverending shoppingspree

  1. dougielee

    Damn you look skinny in the last pic! Gorgeous dress, and yeah the rest as well. Love it! Then again, I am the judge of you buying things haha, so i have to like what you end up with!

  2. troiks

    Wow. You went more crazy than me on my last parade, but I think your catch looks so much better. Those tops are so cute, and I love the blue dress as well. 🙂 If only those sweaters came with the inventory still intact… I’d get one in a second!! 😉
    Then he could continue the world rocking thing ^^
    I hope you’ll get some inspiration and motivation for university work today, I honestly think you’re a good student =)

  3. i am a shopaholic what can i say hehe..
    i’ll probably end up getting all those three items tbh.. and then be skint for the rest of the year..
    i know myself very well..
    and i’ve started..
    watched some episodes of the tv shows i am doing the analysis and comparing of on youtube..

  4. Oi, det va my stilig!! Skjønne godt at dåkk slit me å ikke bruk pænga 😉 Fiiiine kjola!

  5. OJ, så mye fint! jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde penger, men russetida tar på! Blir nok ikke noe skikkelig shopping på meg før den er ferdig, og pengene er tilbake på kontoen! På den andre siden så trenger jeg jo ikke noe annet tøy enn russebuksa den neste måneden 😉

    forresten, treningsnarkoman, jeg?! hah! Jeg bare faker det- jeg er egentlig lat som f’en 😀

  6. Totally loved that blue dress, Ida! You looked amazing in it 🙂
    and the shoes you want to buy.. oh my god, they look wicked!! would have bought them at once!

  7. ooh OOH!!! I want all of those clothes! Including the dude in the yummie hoodie! (A)

  8. WOW! så mye fint! aww Danny ❤

  9. Jeg elsker klæra du har kjøpt! De var skikkelig fine! Skonene du hadde kjøpt var jo bare…. *sikler*! Og den sorte kjolen du har på den på bilde, den så ufattelig søt ut, og for å ikke snakke om hatten din 😀 Ufattelig fint alt sammen!

    Og ønskelista di, jeg må si meg enig i alt! 😀

    Kjempe fine ting!

    Men… Fikk dere ikke leiligheten?? 😮 Da er det heilt greit at dere sjemmer dere bort sånn som det der!
    I love u ❤

  10. D er jo klaer fra helt siden januar.. men ja herregud saa mye penger jeg har brukt egentlig..
    men jeg er temmelig sikker paa at de skoa havner i skosamlinga mi.. jeg har saa sjukt lyst paa de.. og shortsen..
    og hoodien..
    detta blir dyrt..
    er jo 1000kr bare for skoa og hoodien..
    ogsaa skal jeg kjoepe hoodie for marte og…

    men takk for fine kompliment, er bestandig veldig kos aa hoere at folk liker d man har kjoept:D

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