i did it anyway..

Because i’ve been having a horrible day today, thought maybe writing a blog about two of the best days of my life might help lighten my mood..
And like Renate’s blog, it does contain spoilers from the UCATTIP-tour!

As Renate said me and her arrived at the civic around 9/9:30am monday morning to meet up with Bex,Sarah, Amanda and Rachel.
hung out for a while, finishing the lovely scrapbook from the norwegian fans while Renate was at uni.
The lovely security who might’ve taken pity on us, knowing we’d be there for so long, told us when the lads would be there.
and since that moment i was silently praying Renate would make it back to us in time.
while we waited someone had told the local newspaper, fans had already started camping out.. 36 hour prior to the mcfly gig, of course they saw a story out of that and came down to interview us.
It was fun, even though the newspaper claimed me and my darling best friend had travelled very far.. yes a little white lie:P
Anyway, eventually the tourbus arrived and we were pretty quick to set off towards the backstage area.
and my oh my it was worth the wait.
It was only about 8 of us there so they had plenty of time for us… this was the moment, Renate were only minutes away from getting her Dougie photo.. and me well i was just as close to getting photos of myself with the handsome buggars..
First one was Harry, who suddenly were stood right next to us.
We got photos and gave him the scrapbook and a block of norwegian chocolate, which both harry and dougie seemed quite excited about waaahoo..

Then it was Dougie, who were stood just behind as you can see, It was impressive that Renate wasn’t falling to pieces by now, the moment she’s been waiting for since the day she first fell in love with that sexy bassist dude with her favorite hair-do ever.
And I do believe it lived up to the expectations, he even managed to have summat of a natural face.. on mine on the other hand it kinda looks like we are both on something funny.. or just in random moods.. i did not intentionally pull a face, it just happened that way.

Third to come out of the lovely Red tourbus was mr.Jones himself, looking smashing if I may say so in his sunglasses and stubble. I love a bit of a stubble on a man, makes him a bit scruffy and sexy. Not that the Jones need to be scruffy to be sexy or anything. It was my long awaitied picture, because he was the only member I did not already have a picture with so it felt pretty darn good if I may say so.

Last up was of course Fletcher, took him forever to sign a bunch of stuff, but we all waited patiently in line for our turn.
He was wearing a supercool hat and these sunglasses he’s been twittering about.
After everyone had had their photos and chatted for a wee while they had to go inside and we returned to our new favorite spot, the front of the civic. They to do soundchecks and rehearsals and us to just hang around and wait.
They were going at it pretty much the entire day, Tranny was played over and over and over again..
as well as the Promise, which we weren’t sure if it was the coversong of the tour or just a rehearsal song..
Basically we didn’t do much more than hang around and wait..eventually we were joined by a few more. Josh, Chris, Jade and Jess.. and by the time the evening came it was about 27 of us out there.
I think it was just before 9, everyone had disappeared and I was left alone to guard our stuff..
Before then we’d been home to get our overnight stuff.. so it was quite a big pile of stuff out there..
and i was guarding it, reading my twilight book, which I did btw finish. I heard screaming and shouting and guessed that this was about the time Mcfly were leaving.. Had a nice chat with one of the security guards up there, and they gave me this massive poster from the last UCAP tour mcfly did, which was very lovely of them.Not that I have anywhere to put it.. so I think it might be going up on Renate’s wall back home in Norway.. if she wants it that is…
they came rushing back, because sarah was extremely late for her bus.. and possibly a tiny bit of a rush from meeting the boys again. Glad they all got a picture with at least one of them.. it is only fair really..
Then there was the actual camping, spent some time stargazing, some time walking around the civic, showed Rachel and the other Sarah were their Travellodge was, stargazed some more.. tried to sleep under the robes, cuddled up to Renate..
but if it wasn’t the cold it was the noise.. but by all means it was a really good camp out..
good company for most of it and everything, so I enjoyed it.
The boring part is really the next day.. we went home about 7ish, to drop off our stuff, shower, get ready and everything
Returned and the long hours of queuing.. and all the confusion, cause us campers really really wanted to be front of course.. after all a lot of us had camped for more than 24 hours.
While queuing someone saw a familar face, turns out Danny from Son of Dork was about promoting his new band: Hill Valley High.

dsc002621After a lot of back and forth us campers with our pink little dots were informed we would be let in before everyone else.. such a relief. all that waiting had luckily paid off and we were superstoked..
Almost didn’t work out tho, when they tried to take all of us through one door.. but all 27 got in wahey..
And Ali geniously took a picture when it was just us to show the empty space being us awesome hardcore peeps:
3321_91311077243_595777243_2458161_6509658_nWe could see the other people outside the door and we felt soooooo good.
I’d managed to grab me and Renate a place just in front of Dougie, even if we eventually ended up pretty much between him and Danny. not that i mind at all haha.. just thought I’d say.
Support act was meant to be David Archuleta, but he was performing on American Idol so he let us wolves peeps down, but we were happy cause we got a wicked support act really. This young hip, rocky chick called Alex Roots, with her band rocked out for about 20 min. She had a cool sound, and no way does she look 16 years old right?
img_0007Anyway, after a few songs off her we had to wait again, and wait.. but after 30+ hours you get used to the waiting really.. besides it is easier when you know it isn’t that far away even.
All that excitement and waiting and everything was so worth it when the boys appeared onstage just past 9 and rocked the house with one hit after the other..
I caught myself being so struck by being at the front almost within reaching distance that I forgot to sing along to everybody knows at one point. We were jumping simply because everyone behind was jumping and feeling the barrier dig into out chests and such, but the intensity just made it all 1000xtimes better.
The perfect view tbh. and i know Renate have posted all of these photos before, but I don’t care cause they’re my photos too.

At one point they decided to order a pizza.. pretty random really.. but they are doing it to determine which city is the best.. and it will be based upon the pizza delivery. Sadly blackpool beat Wolvo’s 23 minutes with about 5 minutes.. shame on you Blackpool.
And Dougie had the honours of doing the ordering… of a texan bbq or something like that..
it was almost impossible to get the crowd to keep quiet, everytime Dougie said his name the cheers almost went through the roof.. something Danny found very hilarious.. but so did I really.

After that we realised why we’d been hearing Tranny over and over and over again from rehearsals..
Dougie came out with Tom’s guitar and Tom with Dougie’s bass.. they even swapped sides, but that’s probably because all the footpedals and stuff they use when they play. those kind of stuff I don’t really understand..
Either way it was pretty Epic and they both did a pretty darn good job on it.. wouldn’t mind seeing them swap again sometime..

After a few songs the pizza arrived, poor VJ the delivery dude did not seem to be prepared to suddenly be onstage with 3000 screaming mcfly fans watching. Then they decided they wanted someone onstage. Danny pointed out Jess who had been camping with us for most of the time and then Dougie had a quick browse before pointing directly at Renate saying:
“The girl in the pink top….” I’ve seen Renate spazz out before, but that was the best face I’ve ever seen on her..
but can you really blame her? who got to eat mcfly’s pizza and rock out on stage with the lads? Not really no.
They stayed on for quite a while, and I was stood there trying to take pictures, holding the flag, and singalong all at the same time..
I got the confirmation that I do have some awesome multitasking skills.
Can you see her there? my girl munching on mcfly’s pizza, I couldn’t see Jess from my angle, but she was most definitely on there too.. They also played the promise by girls aloud, which was pretty epic, even if dougie did mess up the lyrics, he tried his best I am sure.. If you youtube that video you will see Renate and Jess in pretty much every single one, good fun to watch.. they look so relaxed and cool onstage I must say it is impressive how they managed to keep it together.
And while I am at it I must say, one of my fave moments where when they played Down goes another one, what an amazing song live. it started off with just Tom and Danny, before Dougie and Harry joined in.. there’s plenty of vids of it on youtube too.. I can’t be bothered to find the best ones for it:P
Harry got his slot to talk as well, congratualting the Wolves with making it into Premier League next season, wooopi.. might get some good matches at the Moliniux stadium then..and he told us that the name wolverhampton came form a big wolf.
Interesting facts on a tuesday night, wouldn’t mind making it a habbit.
Then after that Renate and Jess were escorted off stage and they played a few more songs..
By the time the encore came, I looked down to see most of the barrier people starting to look a bit pained. I felt sorry for them because I wasn’t pushed anywhere near as badly as they were.. and also there was surprisingly few who got pulled out really.
On Dougie’s side it was none, zero, nada, how good are we or what?
Five Colours finished the show as usual, but I was too busy making the most of the last song to really care that it was the obvious finale number. I love spazzing to that song.
then just like that it was all over.. those 36 hours of waiting, the gig, everything it was over..
and then I felt how extremely exhausted my body was..
somehow me and Renate managed to drag ourselves home and ended up making a pizza (2nd of the day for Renate hehe) looking through my photos, before we both pretty much just passed out in our beds, waking up the next morning with sore bodies and ringing ears.. But it was like the worlds best Hangover, because of where it came from.

Camping might be hard, and being barrier at a gig is pretty rough, but I would totally do it again. and again.. and again..
but only for gigs.. i am so done with camping for signings..

so there you have it, my take on the two days of eventful happenings.. hopefully I haven’t bored you to death with my 2000+ wirds of rambling. and hopefully I haven’t only repeated what Renate’s written, but been able to do my own take on it..
thanks for reading if you bothered, means the world.. and it does mean I didn’t waste the last hour where I could’ve been in bed sleeping writing this thing.. It did make me feel a bit better tho..
because I kept rememembering things..

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9 thoughts on “i did it anyway..

  1. dougielee

    yeah it was pretty darn awesome, kinda perfect actually! gahgah i’m a lucky rubber!

  2. Kikki

    I read it all 😀 sounds like u had a great time, hun! u def deserve that :):):):):) great pics 2!!! hope u feel better :):) luv ya

  3. Æ likt din versjon av det å æ, dæm va langt i fra likens. 🙂 Høres ut som det va styggarti, bra det vart så bra! 🙂

  4. theakamilla

    Ahh du er så heeldig, hvor mange ganger har du møtt de nå? 😮 Og så kult at du ble intervjua, er avisa på nett ellernoe, så jeg kan lese hele? 😀

    (og hvordan får du det lille bilde før url’en i adresselinja?

  5. ofc leste jeg alt! 🙂 syns du er veldig flink til å skrive, Ida.
    anyway, sounds like an awesome night!! wish it was me.. Loved your pictures, btw

  6. troiks

    Your entries are not the same, I’m glad you decided to write one too, because it summed it up very nicely from your point of view. 🙂 You’re a good writer, and I read it all, it was very entertaining!! 🙂 I can’t believe the luck of that blond, sweet girl that’s your best friend, but I’m really, really glad you had a good experience.
    Answ: I’m glad you liked the song, do you watch One Tree Hill?
    The cleaning thing went pretty well, I managed to even wash the floor before I went home for the weekend. Good luck to you too 😉
    And about the pants, I’m sure it’ll be fine, I haven’t been able to get to that yet. Tomorrow’s the day, I guess. 😉
    ❤ ❤

  7. troiks

    And to answer your comment on my English blog;
    Tomorrow, the hospital series is back on Norwegian television, but I don’t like that one either…:/ They should rather keep filming the original one… 😉
    I miss Bellamy too, he was beyond cute with his freckles and awkward smile, and when he and Gina finally got to be together and get married, I was sooo glad for them. When they lost little Daniel I cried the whole evening… Oh, the memories… 🙂

  8. FY F*** jeg må si jeg er sjalu, hihi 😀
    dere er kjæmpe heldige ^^
    å Harry med melkesjokolade var jo bare best 😀

    ah, skulle ønske jeg også kunna ha vør der 🙂

  9. Thanks sweetie!;)

    I wish I was on the gig with you!:D

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