So along with so many other Celebs of course people like Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis (the only two I know for a fact is real) have twitter, and yes I am eagerly following them, trying to keep up with as much Potternews as I can. This morning, Tom Felton posted the best Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince poster I’ve seen yet.
Isn’t that just amazingly pretty? Made me quite stoked.
More good news is that they’ve moved it forward two days, so instead of 17th of July it is now out on the 15th:D
And if that isn’t enough Tom Felton also posted a new trailer which I had not seen before, so now I want it to be July sooner than later, cause the film looks pretty EPIC

Someone else excited? curious? nervous?
I know not everyone is as addicted as I am, but come on, look at it, you cannot say you’re anticipating it just a little bit?
Tom kinda made my slow morning just a little bit better

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10 thoughts on “PotterMania

  1. dougielee

    I’m well excited I am!!!

  2. Siri

    Cool poster! Æ glær mæ te HP kjæm på kino nu ja! Irritabelt at dæm sjifta dato før jul :S men nu e d ikke lenge ijænn! Selfølgeli vil æ kåm på besøk! Ha egentli skulla jort e fer læng sea,meeeen så bli d liksom ikke,hehe. Kan hjølp t å fiks å æ=) Har dåkk hørt nå foressten? *melk*

  3. Karina

    Me too!!!! I was absolutely stoked when I clicked on those links he sent – what a legend. That film is going to be – as you said – epic indeed! I can hardly wait! The next few months will feel longer because of it x)

  4. Ann Kristin

    Cant wait 4 the movie!! the trailers r def promising!! think we’ll laugh, cry and get scared!! 😉 🙂 u’ll b home for it rite?

  5. sure will:D

  6. Æ glede mæ nå så sinnsykt! 🙂 Herlig trailer!

  7. nice ^^!

  8. *jumps around* i wish it was july already!!

  9. Æ glede mæ så sykt t den kjæm 😀

  10. I am soooooo soooo excited!
    I can’t wait!!! 😀

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