it’s all a bit bleh

That’s how I feel right now..
Today started off pretty crappy too, woke up just around 8 to a bouldering sound and as soon as I opened my eyes and looked out I saw it wasn’t just  thunder we were lucky enough to get lightening too. If that wasn’t enough it was pissing down with rain too.
Oh well both me and Renate fell asleep again anyway so I suppose we got over it hehe..

Then we got dressed walked into town, sorted out viewings for tomorrow, well that was the idea anyway. Got one, and then walked by the mander center, spent some money, but calm down it was only to buy tights and some more bras. So we didn’t use the last of our money.

by the time we got home we were hungry so we heated the nachos from yesterday and just as we were tidying up they called me from one of the lettng agencies, they couldn’t let us even view the apartment cause we don’t have a guarantor from the UK, the other letting agency seemed a bit negative about us not having a domestic one as well, but hopefully somehow we’ll work something out. Because we don’t really have anyone except our parents back home really.
But it certainly made me proper gutted.. I mean look at IT.
It’s so gorgeous, I mean yes it’s beyond expencive, but we really wanted to at least view it.
But tomorrow we’re viewing this one too, so all hope might not be lost.

To make matters worse I know have to finish this stupid reading log that I was meant to finsish yesterday and I also told Renate I was starting it half an hour ago so I better get to it..

I think it’s only 27 days till we go home, 1 month 3 weeks and a day till Egypt.. and less than a week to the first mcfly gigs, so I am trying to keep my spirits up, it is what keeps me motivated tbh..

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10 thoughts on “it’s all a bit bleh

  1. dougielee

    you know what, jeg foeler the same way! :O Sjokk!
    And elisabeth just went downstairs, trudd nesten d tola igjeN!
    but she’s leaving!!!

  2. which is even better hehe..
    gaaaah i’m so ready to leave

  3. troiks

    Aah, I just hick upped really bad!!!!
    Sorry. That’s not what I meant to write.

    That flat looks so good, and I really hope you at least get to view it. 🙂 Don’t feel bleh anymore, Ida, I don’t want you to :/
    A good song tip; Feeling a Moment by Feeder (not sure if it’ll help, though). That song is so good it almost brings tears to my eyes, let me know how you feel about it =)

    Oh, I almost forgot; to make things just a little bit easier for you;

  4. i like it, I haven’t heard to much of feeder, but it’s a really good tune..

  5. troiks

    Great =)
    Egypt sounds so, so tempting at the moment, by the way.
    Whoa… I SO would have been there, on the spot, if I had the permission.
    Sometimes, protective parents can be a pain in the… neck!!

  6. troiks

    By the way, I’ve challenged you through my blog, and here’s the rules and questions:
    Rules: Copy into your own note and add your own answers. Use the first letter in your name while answering all the questions. If the person ahead of you had the same letter, you can’t use the same words. Don’t use the same word twice. ..

    1. Your name:
    2. Four-letter word:
    3. Name for a boy:
    4. Name for a girl:
    5. A profession:
    6. Colour:
    7. Something you’re wearing:
    8. Food:
    9. Something in the bathroom:
    10. A place:
    11. Reason to be late:
    12. Something you shout:
    13. Film title:
    14. Something drinkable:
    15. A musical group:
    16. An animal:
    17. Street name:
    18. Car brand:
    19. Song title:

    Good luck! 🙂 ❤

  7. Egypt :O
    får kose dere på konserten jenter! 🙂

  8. Dakars lille søte Ida! Tænkt på kor my du hi å gled dæ te, det e egentli ikke aill som e så heldi som du e vettø. Egypt, lang sommerferie, Mcfly! 😉

  9. Man, that house you’re viewing like tomorrow or something. den har strippe stanger in the kithcen. Hihi! Okay, shut me up!

  10. will check it out in the morning karina:D
    and i know we have loads to look forward to:D
    d er d som holder oss gaaende om dagen.

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