Improved Fashion sense?

So especially over the past few months I feel like I’ve sorta gotten a bit more insight into the world of fashion, found some styles I really like and such. It might not be fashion in your eyes, but I feel like I have much more of a style and individuality than I had before.
And i’ve chosen a few looks that I’m really pleased with from the last 4 months of shopping and fun times..I think my little black shorts are my favorite buy ever.

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photo-76 photo-78

photo-83 photo-91


I am wearing:
1. Grey longsleeved batwing top, black tights and pink legwarmers and silver bag all from New Look. Pink hair clip ins from Claire, Shoes from a shop back home in Norway and the necklace was a bday present from a friend.
2. dress, leatherjacket, tights and legwarmers from New Look, the scarf is Renate’s and the gloves I knitted myself.
3. Leather jacket, longsleeved batwinged top, white jeans and brown boots all from New Look, the scarf is from George. and you cannot see it but i’m wearing a white hairband from Primark.
4. Mickey Mouse hoodie, blue scarf, mickey singlet and Yellow singlet from H&M, Jeans from New Look.
5. blue scarf, checkered shirt and green singlet all from H&M, Jeans from New Look.
6. blue scarf from H&M, Criminal damage hoodie from TK Maxx,  turqoise singlet, tights and little black shorts from New Look.
7. Scarf from George, Longsleeved jumper from Primark, Black dress from Glassons, Blue tights from H&M and brown boots from New Look (they are Renate’s)
8. Sunglasses, gizmo t-shirt, shorts, legwarmers and tights from New Look, hoodie from YMAS’s merch stand and converse from I cannot remember.

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5 thoughts on “Improved Fashion sense?

  1. dougielee

    Looking gorgeous sweetie ❤

  2. ooh! 😀 Girl! You got style! 😀

  3. troiks

    Wow, these outfits were awesome! 😀 I’m not saying your taste in fashion was bad earlier, but I can agree on the fact that the one you have now is great! Not many people can pull an orange tights (is that the word) off, but you do it with a lot of style =)
    Answ: Thank you! I thought it looked a bit cool, and I like the fact that it frames the middle section a bit more. 🙂
    When you put it like that, I can’t be mad because of the match that went either way. I guess I can live with it when it’s your second team 😉

    Yeah, it’s great, because the stuff is needed as well, not just for fun. ^^

  4. Så stilig! Du e tøff som går i så sterke farga asså 😉

  5. takk:D
    d e arti aa proeve nye stila aa nye ting:D

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