1 more month

I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone,
it feels like just yesterday we came back after christmas, yet here we are 3 months later and a month away from going home.
1 month 3 weeks and 4 days till Egypt :O
just over a week till we see mcfly as well, so I have a feeling this next month will pass just as fast.
I just have to make sure i get these three essays done, the reading log and the basic research for my dissertation and i’ll be all good to go.

Today I am feeling quite homesick,
Just wanna be able to hang out with my friends back home, I feel like I am slowly drifting away from most of them, I mean I hardly hear anything from the lads, and well i only speak to my girls on msn from time to time.
It’s hard feeling like they grow up and I’m stuck here going nowhere really.
I’m 23, single, doing a bachelor of nothing really, yeah I’m heading somewhere great in life aren’t i?

now I’m being all negative again, but I blame it on feeling homesick.
This summer I’m gonna be a good daughter tho, when I am working the early shift I will try and help cook dinner, maybe help keeping the house tidy, do dissertation research, rediscover my passion for reading. exercise, spend less time online, hang out with my friends.. party and bbq’s and such and yeh pretty much have the best summer ever! I think it is about time I grew up a little, I don’t wanna be stuck like a nobody forever.
Me and Kikki had a chat the other day about the future, I might be interested in our plan afterall, but lets both just try to see where we head atm first yeh?

And for the next few weeks I have left I’m gonna try and work effienctly
I have 3 essays, a reading log and the dissertation to work on, and I wanna do well..
I just have to stick with it really, and mean it this time, it is about time I do something about my life.
So yeh rant of the day..
anyway, i’d best start doing some work maybe, or i could just watch another episode of supernatural first..

n746785483_2411148_741yeh so i miss you girls

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5 thoughts on “1 more month

  1. troiks

    Awww. I’m glad you’re soon coming home to Norway again, Ida! ❤

  2. same, i am actually really looking forward to coming back home

  3. dougielee

    I’m homesick too, I miss friends and family, norway and verdal. Gonna have a great summer we will, just great, and mature and fun.

  4. Glede mæ te dåkk kjæm hit, da ska dåkk kom te Levanger på besøk å søng og spis grillmat! 😉

    Og tænkt på å blitt engelsklærer på vgs, mangle bærre et år ped da 😉

  5. joda, tenkt paa d, skyvd d fra mae..
    huske du kolles du va sjoel paa vgs?
    stakars laerera hehe..
    nei ae veit itj ae..

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