Edinburgh baby!


On Friday me and Renate set out for Scotland and Edinburgh. To treat ourselves for easter we went to visit Astrid for a few days.
Friday went by with a nice night in with tacos and tv. But after nearly 4 hours on the train that was nice.
And may I say that I love Astrid and Maria’s appartment, I just wanna move right now.
(Sadly that gorgeous one I told you all about earlier have already gone.. oh well there’ll be others)


Saturday we went round parts of edinburgh, with Astrid as our tourguide, sadly it started raining, and poor Renate was soaked within minutes, but her shoes were holy so it’s not so weird.. well with holes not Christian:P anyway.. we got to see the castle, and about half of the royal mile, had a great view of the city centre of Edinburgh. Before we finished our grand tour at cafe florentine, with a nice cup of hot chocolate. We went back to Astrid’s and we taught her how to make lasagna, and from what I hear it was a major sucess with her auntie, so I’m proud of ya sweetie:D

Then it was pubnight,we went down to ‘Standing Order’ I think it was called and met up with Nicki and Sam, two of Astrid’s friends..
It was a lovely evening till we were asked what we thought a goth’s fart smells like, and called me a Beatrice (prince andrew and fergie’s girl) and spilled his rum and coke all over Renate’s lovely black dress.
Lets say when the pub closed a little later we just went home, but it was a nice night out and we got confirmed that Sam’s a cheesefan too.


Sunday it was time for a another trip in to town, we bought this lovely looking album, ready to make a scrapbook. You see we agreed to make one on behalf of the norwegian fans to make one to give to mcfly:D
We also went by this lovely place called the elephant house, which is famous for being the cafe where J.K.Rowling wrote the first harry potter books, and you all know what a fanatic i am. Loved it..even if the brownie wasn’t quite as amazing as I wanted it to be.
img_3034Monday we were woken up by a nice plumberguy, at 8AM :O
I’m impressed by the speed we got outta bed, but then we laid down in the lounge and amazingly we managed to sleep over his noise, till about 11am, so we must’ve been pretty knackered tbh. Hopefully he’s finished his work and Astrid’s ensuite will be looking as good as new.
We finished most of the scrapbook and then watched some tv while eating chicken kiev. Astrid’s speciality hehe..
Before we once again got ready and headed for a night out with Astrid and her imaginary boyfriend Andrew whom we finally got to meet. Sam and Nicki joined us as well, with their Ikea buddies, and may I say Renate seemed to hit it off with one of his collegues, but that’s a completely different story.
sdc10310We started at the same pub, having a few drinks. Renate was tipsy already after the first vodka lemonade, and that was a single, no need to fill ya in on how drunk she was a double and 2 singles later? hehe.. I bet those amazing handdryers in the toilet reached a new level of funny. And you know i’m only joking with you hun.
But we had time for a camsession in the toilets as well..
sdc10296Then we set out to the shitties nightclub i’ve ever been to, I was nowhere near drunk to find it very fun nor was the music any good.. and I spent the rest of my money on the entrance. So we stuck around for a couple of hours, before me and Astrid decided that enough was enough and dragged Renate away from that blokes lips and back home.
All in all it was a great night tho, and Sam promised we’d be facebook friends forever, he even said he’d come visit us hehe..
Tuesday was another lazy day with Astrid’s delicious applecake and crisps for breakfast, packing before we set out for town, stopped my chiquito for some food.. it’s a brilliant mexican restaurant, and with that our trip to Scotland was suddenly over.
And before we knew it we were back in Wolves.. but we had a parcel from my mum waiting so it was quite ok really and we’re now fully loaded with candy and food to last for another month.

img_0030Now i’ve spent more than enough time on writing this blog and now we’re gonna watch the 3rd mummy movie..
Hasta la vista babies! or something silly like that..

p.s. of course in most of the pictures Renate’s the amazing photographer

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9 thoughts on “Edinburgh baby!

  1. dougielee

    Obviously I am, photographer and all 🙂
    I didn’t have a crappy time at the club, even tho it was a crappy place, i had quite fun. I’m an easy drunk like that, aren’t me lucky? hihi
    Morro tur!

  2. sounds like so much fun! 😀 Cant wait to see the scrapbook ^^

  3. gemma

    Sounds like you had a ton of fun =]
    I quite like Edinburgh, I’ve not been for a while though and only for one day.
    Shame about the rain – you can tell you had a nice time in those photos, the bathroom one made me smile

  4. troiks

    SV: Hihi, the Troika cake was a fun sight, that’s for sure =) And it looked quite delicious, as well…
    Yeah, and with the job comes both money, good times + memories 😉

    Wow, I’m so glad you had a good trip! It’s fun to be allowed a peak into your English way of life.

  5. Looks like you all had a great time ^^
    Cute photos of you guys, sweeties 🙂

  6. Yayyy a blog about Scotland!! Loves it 🙂
    It was fun!
    PS: Renate should send me some of her best photos of Edinburgh!

  7. Renate sa du litt sad fer at æ ikke ha kommentert hen innlegget, og det va ikke me vilje asså, såg bærre ikke langt nok ned på sia når æ va innpå hen sist! :O

    Men som æ sa te Renate, så verke det som dåkk ha det vældi arti. Og det verke som det e bra at du e i lamme hu, å passe på hu når hu drekk 😛

  8. Funny pictures btw 😉

  9. haha, ae va itj spesielt sad, d va meir renate som villa ha reaksjon paa d ae ha skrivvi som itj hu ha skrivvi,d at hu kosa sae litte ekstra me ein skotte da sjuh

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