I got sunshine


Today’s been gorgeous, so sunny and nice:D 
Started off the day pretty slack before we got dressed and went to view a few apartments. If anything it just made me more keen on moving, to somewhere with a bright lounge, nice furniture, a clean bathroom. 
This  is our favorite so far:D only downside is that the 2nd bedroom is tiny, i mean really tiny.
and before we’ve seen this one, we are absolutely in love with it. The plan is to arrange a viewing, unless it is already taken of course. 
Even if we primarily were looking for unfurnished, we can live with that for sure, I mean look at it, it looks wicked!

Friday we’re setting off to scotland, and today was another day closer to that, I am very excited about seeing Astrid again, and just seeing Scotland and stuff.. Easter will hopefully be absolutely wicked! and then some hehe.  

other than that we had a detour via the Mander center, and spent money, as we went by HMV, Fit wasn’t even in and we managed to come out with 14 movies :O
6 was mine, and 8 was Renate’s :O thank god for student discount.


and lastly

I am very pleased with my catch, if you wanna know what movies Renate got check out her blog
I have a passion for movies, i really do, I buy way too many of them, like i bought a bunch off amazon a few weeks ago, just cause Alan Rickman and Liam Neeson were in them. I almost cashed out in new look too, if i’d found something i wanted i might’ve :O 
Are you a compulsive buyer? or maybe a compulsive anything?
do yo have a passion for movies maybe?

As well as shopping I am constantly tidying my room 

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14 thoughts on “I got sunshine

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. dougielee

    It was a nice day wasn’t it? 🙂
    I wanna move!

    And oh, spending too much money!!!!!!

  3. Karina

    Oh… I love movies as well! 🙂
    Those apartments looked so good, I hope you guys find out something that’ll work perfect =)

  4. Karina

    Ah, and thanks for mentioning the sandwi(t)ch-incident! I thought that it was something funny with it, I just couldn’t set my finger on it! ^^

  5. I bought 5 movies yesterday from play.com. A lot of disney, can’t wait till I get them

  6. oooh it feels good shopping right?

  7. svarer her, jeg: tusen takk, føler faktisk at mattetentamen gikk bra 🙂 får den tilbake i morra 😮 er såå spent!

    oooh, den andre leilighten var awesome!! loved it! den første også, btw.
    shopping er den sinnsykt god følelse, samtidig som du (i allefall jeg) hater følelsen av at pengene bare renner ut..

  8. i know, vi har ikke kikka paa’n eller no, men den ser herlig ut paa bildene.
    we’ll see..

    oh shopping, altfor digg mens du gjoer d og saa kjipt etterpaa naar du sjekker konton 😛

  9. I LOVE big daddy ❤
    aw so cute and kinda sad film!

  10. it’s adorable ey? hehe

  11. du er så søt, kula mi ❤

  12. Ann Kristin

    shopping is dangerous!!!! went 2 H&M 2day, to buy Amalie a gift from Trheim 😀 ended up with a dress, top, shoes and hairties 😀 all for her tho :p

    oh, and Ida, this is gonna sound cheesy how can u have sunshine? u ARE sunshine! :):) mine at least :):): u always brighten up my day! luv ya, hun

  13. awwwww ❤

  14. Kikki

    aaand everytime I see this blog I start singing: ‘I got sunshine, on a rainy day, when its cold outside, I got the month of May’ haha, and thats wat im gonna b singing for a few hours now:p hehe. not sure the lyrics r 100% correct tho. haha

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