The week is over too quickly..

I feel like the week has barely started before it’s already sunday again,

where did all those days where i was meant to work go?
what happened to the countless hours i was meant to be spending on reading?
with only one day a week at uni, i think it is expected that i do more work than i do.

yet it is sunday i’m still partly in my jammies, Renate left for the library an hour ago:O
don’t get me wrong I am working my way through that pile of books, sloooowly..

we’ve spent most of the weekend drooling over nice appartments..
found quite a few, we might request a viewing or two, just to see what they’re actually like.. they’re not horribly expencive either..

this is getting more and more tempting everytime we look at it..
hopefully we can still get an appartment or something closer to the time we’re getting back too, because i do not wanna pay rent for the entire summer really..

anyway I am now returning to that pile i previously mentioned, dont want Renate to come home to me not having done a thing, that would be embarassing :O

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9 thoughts on “The week is over too quickly..

  1. Lykke te me lesinga, og det med vækka e æ så eni ti! Alt fer lite tid te å faktisk få gjort det som kreves av oss. *utslitt*

  2. Karina

    I agree as well, Ida.
    It’s exhausting to try and get over everything, yet, it’s exhausting to miss things as well…
    Answ: oh, yeah, sort of. I’m not sure why he commended me, but I think he’s been translating paragraphs from my blog to his language and seen that we have a couple of things in common =) If you go to his profile, you can see a pretty cute photo of him. (I sincerely hope he’ll never read this ^^).

  3. why would he come to my blog? hehe
    i think it’s cute, seems like he is sort of an admirer 😉

  4. dougielee

    i do wonder where all those days fly off to, it’s like they’re in a hurry!

  5. Karina


  6. lizyeee

    Cool about the apartment thing….ive fink im gonna be living back in telford tho which means be difficult if say i wanna go out but hopefully i still can just wont have a room in wolvo no longer

  7. Karina

    Oh. You’re probably right! Do you think he sounds like an admirer? Hm. Too bad he lives in Romania. :]

  8. IDA! eg har utfrodra deg! sjekk bloggen min!:)

  9. i know m’dear:D
    skal gjoere d imorra eller no

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