Shopping and Champagne

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Not that me and Renate gorge ourselves with Champagne, not even once in a while, we are very, VERY, good at spoiling ourselves, too good really.
Not even a low bank balance seem to scare us, because of there’s always some in the savings account.
When we don’t spend our money at New Look, or HMV or Boots, or even Asda, we spend them online. Ebay and Amazon are the big dirty pages we should be banned from, so we will not spend any money.
Yesterday was no different, we decided to head for the cinema, however we decided to use my voucher for a 2 for 1 ticket at cineworld, and we set out to see

I can honestly say she had less control of her money and creditcard than we do, however, i might see us end up right where she was.. I wouldn’t mind the gorgeous looking boss, the wardrobe and the job in a big magazine.  But we’ve got some pretty neat stuff out of our shopping spree’s, i might have to do a new latest purchase blog soonish i think. DVDs, mountain dew and clothes, oh and books even.. yeh i’ve been busy. Me and Renate like spoiling ourselves as I said. We were playing with the thought of getting a flat and decorating it and everything the other day, oh so tempting, TOO tempting. Not that we’re not happy where we are but you know change is always good and all that…
And I am really looking forward to visiting Astrid next weekend, going up to Edinburgh for a few days and just relax and have fun.
Because atm Egypt is a bit too far away…
Yeh for those of you who didn’t know, we splashed out and bought ourselves a trip to Egypt back in january…
So we’re working on getting into shape, with the help of the lifeguards of baywatch and Dan Karaty.
Hopefully by the time we are going to egypt we will have bodies like Jessica Alba, because that is the one Renate choose to aim for so that is what we’re going for.
Wish us luck…


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5 thoughts on “Shopping and Champagne

  1. dougielee

    EGYPT TOO FAR AWAY INDEED!! But then we at least have some time to get in shape eh? And Dan, awwww I’ve missed Dan I have.
    Flat… FHJBdhlabjks nvlnkds I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna. Just a bit. Yeah. I want to, I need to win 124 millions on the lottery!

  2. yes you do 😀

  3. troiks

    I’ll wish you good luck both on the lottery-winning and the getting-into-shape-thing, even though I can’t say you need that much of work – I think you both look very good. :]

  4. Haha, så morsom post! 🙂

    Flink dåkk e te å skjæm dåkk bort! 🙂

  5. Awh. You have no idea how jealous I am. I mean…come on. EGYPT! OO

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