just one of those nights..

Where everything feels shit..
It was good, with strawberries and good company..
then back upstairs, been feeling a bit low on energy all day so I did actually skip one of my lectures today.. I always feel guilty when I do..

Then i couldn’t log into my account on a website to find out if my workplace had recieved the contract i sent back last week, so that is stressing me out big time.
Need to ring them tomorrow, I am worried something has been stuffed up..

and then I don’t really have anything to do, if I was smart this would be an ocassion to maybe read a little, get some research for my disseration done, when i am this bored i mean.. but i just can’t.. uninspired and yucky..

i just feel kinda low right now.. i feel like crying, but why should i? i have nothing to cry for.. i’m just being pathetic.
Hopefully i will ring in tomorrow and hear that everything is ok, and that i worry over nothing..

it’s not just that though, but i don’t feel like going on about it, because it only makes me more upset..
so now i’m gonna see another episode of australia’s next top model.. cycle 4
(which is also frustrating as i know who wins.. and i’ve never disagreed with a winner more)

11pm is a bit early to go to bed, even though i’m sure i’d fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes

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6 thoughts on “just one of those nights..

  1. Karina

    Aw, Ida, I’m so sorry you feel like crying, that’s something you do NOT deserve. I’m sure everything is OK at your workplace, and that it’s just the internet page that’s not cooperating.
    G’night… ❤

  2. dougielee

    If you feel like crying, cry. A good cry helps, trust me I know. And you don’t always have to have a reason for it, it sometimes is just necessary you know. ❤

  3. Ida, just cry! Du sa du ikke hadde noen grunn til det, men det å sette seg ned å grine når man har en dårlig dag, får alt mye bedre.. Da får du ut alt sammen! Ellers veit du at jeg er her for deg. Jeg kommer alltid til å høre på deg! Så har du en dårlig dag, snakk med meg. Jeg veit det ikke er lett, sånne ting vil man kanskje ta med en person man har face to face, men jeg er her for deg veit du 🙂 Alt kommer til å bli bra 🙂
    I love u sweety ❤

  4. i never did..
    but i did eventually fall asleep luckily

  5. Huffda, men æ e sekker på at alt va i orden! Og hi du fått jobb i sommer du å? 🙂


  6. jada, d va d sjuh, bare ae som bli stressa over ingenting:D
    fikk arbe ae aa vettu:D

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