All about me!

I am extremely egocentric today, because i can as it is my blog haha!
I went through some old photobucket accounts and found a bunch of oldish photos of me.
And well i felt like sharing my different looks over the years.. some very young and some quite recent.

lysbildescan2 lysbildescan78 dias_scan15

lysbildescan18 fam_bilde_0015 fam_bilde_0023

dias_scan30 fam_bilde_0026 me2

bilde19 bilde23 bilde25

24 rscn4372 184557

dscn5982 i144678486_99194_6 dscn7829s

dscn8337 dscn8350s dscn9192

videosnapshot11 2008-04-16-70384 2008-04-13-45858

have I changed anything at all.. last pictures are taken around this time last year..

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9 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. i think i love you.

  2. Ja ! 😮 du har forandra deg mye! søøt babyy! Tnaa..!

  3. troiks

    Wow, that’s so cute! But the bride-picture was quite scary :O

  4. Katrine

    awwww! such a cutie! i looove you!

  5. dougielee

    Stunner always ❤ Jeg elsker deg.

  6. aww du er SØT du ida :D! digger det aller siste bildet ditt!

  7. Så mang artie å fine bilda av dæ! ^^

  8. Aaaw, søta! Du e så nydeli ❤

  9. aaw, så søt 😀
    syns også det siste bildet er veldig fint 🙂

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