Sleepless nights..

So here I am again, sitting up, it has already gone past 1am..
Feel like I am back to a few weeks ago, where I could sit up for hours,

however now, there’s no one online to entertain me,
I have pretty much nothing to do whatsoever, so I resolved to watching Australia’s next top model, seeing as season 12 isn’t done yet, and i have to wait a few more days for that. It’s cool sure, but I don’t think it is as entertaining as ANTM, maybe I should try and look up the Norwegian one.. I’ve seen season 2 I think.
I actually finished an entire season of the aussie show tonight, that’s how lame I am, but I was gutted Chloe didn’t win. sorry if i just spoiled the show for anyone.

but yeh, maybe I should give Twilight a go, seeing as I am awake and bored.
Then again I really should try to get some sleep, because I have a few things to do tomorrow, and i need to get started on my uniwork again.

yeh so i’m gonna stop blabbering because I’m getting quite cold too..
and end with this song, which I happen to like a lot nowadays:

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8 thoughts on “Sleepless nights..

  1. dougielee

    Isn’t there a British version of top model?

  2. yes, but i saw one episode and it was utterly boring

  3. Norsk og britisk top model e tragisk. E bærre den amerikanske som dug 😛 Hell på å sjer sesong 11 nu, og 12 da. Så ny episode i dag! yay!

    Og om du vil såvvå så e det å bynn å lesa Twilight ikke lurt, fer da vil man ikke såvvå 😛

  4. syns faktisk ikke den norske e saa gaeli, dem har bra shoots..
    e up to date me sesong 12 no.. 4.episode:P hate aa vent paa neste

  5. Karina

    Re: Yes, receiving the clothes I’m going to where while I’m about to exit High School is pretty awesome! 😀

  6. Liker sangen, men hører man på den 24/7 blir man lei…

    og jaaa, ANTM er gøy ^^

  7. damn! har det vært så mange sesonga av top model her å der?! shaaiit!

    Btw, den sangen e bra! 😀

  8. har skikkelig dilla vett hehe…
    hoere paa den hver gang ae gaar inn paa bloggen min

    helt hekta paa top model vett..
    aussie top model har jo en av de mest suksessfulle modellan t aa ha kommi ut av hele konseptet..

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