America’s next top model

There’s a new cycle up and running.
My life is again complete. Ever since last year I have been summat like hooked on this reality show.
Sure it is incredibly stupid at times, all those tears over their hair, fears and whatnot.

I’ve seen all 11 seasons twice, yeah I am that sad, but it is very good entertainment when you’re bored and don’t wanna do uniwork. I have a few fave girls throughout the seasons, like Shandi was cool, and the twins, CariDee was just crazily funny, I also thought Analeigh was the best last season, even tho McKey was a worthy winner.

This season is no different, I already have a few people I think come across as immensly wicked.
Like London, sure she might be a streetpreacher, but I think she’s fierce.. I also love Allison’s look, she might look like a lost puppy outside the set, but she looks brilliant on camera, she knows how to take a good picture. Celia is pretty good too, a bit edgy.. but yeh I’d like to see Allison and London as the final two. Fo’s alright too, she stands out a bit.

I just hate the waiting for the next episode, i guess i will be looking forward to every Friday for a new episode. like I do with Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural on the days I know those episodes will be up on surf the channel.

New episode of Supernatural should be up tomorrow as far as I’ve heard.. Fingers crossed it will be up by the time I return from Birmingham. I have a gift card at H&M to use..

Top left is Allison, middle 2nd from the right is London and Celia is the middle top row, Fo can be found on Celia’s right.

btw, i decided to try and register my blog at Bloggurat, because I want more hits hehe

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10 thoughts on “America’s next top model

  1. dougielee

    I like it as well, it’s fun and that Jay… . jummy!

  2. Karina

    I haven’t seen that much of this program, but that mostly because it’s inconvenient without a TV nearby… 🙂 It looks exciting, though!
    And about the Lent thing, I think that you’ve been extremely good at sticking with it that long, so a bit of chocolate is only fair… =)

  3. Karina


  4. I love that show!!!!!! 😀

  5. me too,
    i mean it might not be the most mindblowing show in the world, but i love it for the entertainment value:D
    besides they do some pretty rad shoots too:D

  6. ååh jeg og er avhenging av top model! syns de er så treig her i norge så ser de fra youtube heletiden 😛 sesong 11 du ser nå :)?

  7. nei sesong 12 😀

  8. A: Thank you! :] I hope it will be many more, as well. Cinnamon in the turns, haha ^^

  9. hihi, it sounds even funnier in english

  10. har ikke sett så mye på det, men virker litt kjekt då! 😀 er lett å bli hekta på serier!! 😛 så skjønner kordan du har det xP

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