Tuesday Blues

nah not really, but it’s Tuesday and I am sat here in my listening to the rain outside, knowing I am going out in just a few hours.
Before that I have the task of cleaning my room, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning myself 😛 hehe..
I guess it is matching the rain pretty well in a way.

I also got a parcel today, and i videoed myself opening it,
mainly to show my friend in Australia, Elise, but I thought i might as well post it on here as well, so all of yous can see too..
it’s nothing special, just me looking like a mess opening my parcel.

so yeh i’m off to hit the kitchen washing yay.. enjoy the video


Jeg har plassert min blogg i Verdalsørabloggportalen Bloggurat!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Blues

  1. troiks

    You’re so cute…! “Sorry about that”. ^^
    I looks as though the chocolate’s going to wait a while while you’re on that Lent thing, but I’m sure it’ll still taste good when you can taste it… 🙂

  2. it’s so tempting tho, i have sooo much chocolate now:P hehe

  3. rain is sooo anoying 😛

  4. dougielee

    awwwwww saa skjoenn du er ❤
    kvikk lunch -_-

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