Last bit of my Birthday

Haha, i suck at uniwork, because i find blogging a lot more fun.

I am sorta working too, just had to do this first.
Yesterday was as you know my 23rd, but hey if Josh and Henri thinks i look 18-20 I can be that.
As you know we went to see you me at six last night, and ran into Kayla there..
Good thing we did or else we wouldn’t have known about the afterparty,
So we hung out after the gig, which btw was pretty awesome, even though the venue was a little too big for my liking, you could easily almost get lost you know..
But it was gooooood, nice seeing them live again. and they played always attract:D

Anyway before the gig we had a quick chat with Matt, as he was hanging out by the cheer up clothing stand, gave him some norwegian chocolate and all you know.
n866135106_6103618_4996155According to Renate he has the softest hair, and we kept seeing him the entire evening pretty much he was everywhere. And Kayla was on the search for Josh, and I kinda feel bad about that now that we once again pretty much ignored Dan, the drummer of the band, i mean he’s so cute and we for the 2nd time just walked away from him to see Josh, who seemed quite hyped and stuff, dancing around funnily. But we went over and talked to him, and after Renate told him we were Norwegian and that we’d seen them before he said he remembered us, he seemed to as well. Renate even told him it was my bday, it’s not every day you get Happy Birthday from a celeb:D hehe.. my picture is quite funny, even though it’s not a good picture of either of us haha..
n866135106_6103769_4514736We decided to stay for a bit longer, seeing as we’d already missed our train back home, we figured we might as well.. we were stood on the balcony at one point, when this bloke came up to us, well Renate, and asked her if she liked America, random right? Turns out he was Danish, and not only that he was in Emarosa one of the support bands, what’s up with us and support bands. his name was Jonas, I bet he found my girl gorgeous, so he wanted to talk to her. And hearing we were scandinavians too he pretty much spazzed a little and told Matt who of course were around, I said we saw him everywhere.. He told us he’d enjoyed the chocolate, it was terrific 😀
Even if we kept quiet yd, i must say she was oooozing of confidence, because she was in total control, so forward, you know she says she gets starstruck.. didn’t look like it to me. Anyway, around 2am we set out for home, it was about time, so we got a taxi home, had some pizza and went to bed. I’d say the night was very sucessful.

Thanks for an amazing birthday weekend Renate:D

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6 thoughts on “Last bit of my Birthday

  1. dougielee

    Just glad I could be there to celebrate it with you Sweetie ❤
    It was such a great night.

  2. That looks amazing! 😀 And about Twilight, I can kindly recommend it, but when you still haven’t read it, at least you can look forward to. But no rush, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more when you know that you’ve got time to read it… 🙂 I’m so glad the weekend of celebration went well, and that you both had a good time. Somehow, I feel like I get to know you a bit through both here and Nettown, and I have to say – you’re one of the greatest persons I’ve ever ‘met’. 🙂

  3. Katrine

    aw! you two are so lucky!

  4. i know, i think it’s because of Renate.
    i was never EVER lucky before i met her..

    and thanks Karina, that’s the loveliest thing anyone has said to me in a long time:D
    you’re pretty amazing yourself ❤

  5. troiks

    Really? I wouldn’t have guessed.. 🙂
    And about the discipline-thing, who needs that anyway… ^^ Have a good night! ❤

  6. i need it.. cause i suck at it hehe

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