Happy Birthday to me


So today it is the 7th of March, and I know I said I wasn’t really gonna be online this weekend, but it is my bday and I wanna blog about it:D
So we cheated a little and started yesterday with a party, as you might’ve seen previously I’d gone for the 80s theme, which I personally think we all rocked.
Well the selected few who actually made it to my party and made my night a wicked one.
(5 out 13 confirmed guests on facebook ain’t horribly bad hehe)

Renate made me a cupcake with a candle, seeing as we’re on lent and are not supposed to eat sweets and such we allowed ourselves some cupcakes instead.
Asbjoern stayed around for a wee bit before he left, which was nice, he gave me a bottle of red wine (shame I don’t drink that:P) Jo got me a giftcard from H & M:D and Lizy the same from HMV, two of my fave shops, I can go shopping:D weeeeeee. And Coral got me this wicked necklace that went nicely with the outfit and the theme:D

But the best present by far was from my lovely Best friend, Renate she’d bought me season 1 AND 2 of Supernatural, so now we can drool of Jensen and Jared whenever we want without having to wait for stupid megavideo to load or some silly asian site which we don’t understand:D

We played some singstar, 80s of course, before we went out to cheeky monkeys, sadly Pete was nowhere to be seen, but we met some lads that we saw out on halloween, which was nice.
Eventually the place was about to close and after not finding a free taxi we set out to walk, and our high heels were killing us by now so we went by asda and bought sneakers, wooop:P
Lucky we did, because there we ran into a bunch of irish guys, they wanted us to come with them, they lived just down the road but nah we are meant to be very busy today, so if i don’t do any uniwork i’m definitely gonna hate myself, we could’ve partied with irish cute boys with sexy accents *sighs*

Today was nice too, woke up to find a card from Astrid:D then we looked through the pics from last night, before Renate heated the pizza we made yesterday (from scratch) and she’s put the candles to spell Ida 😀 it was adorable right?

Now i’m hitting the showers to get refreshed then a few hours of hardass working before we jump on the train to lovely brum to see the gorgeous lads of You me at six:D I am very excited:D

and lastly, Mays is the cutest person in the world, look what she made me:D


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. dougielee

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself sweetie ❤ Happy birthday, I love you.

  2. det förste bildet av det var veldig fint 🙂
    så bra du kosa deg 😀

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