Yet another Challenge

So once again I have been challenged, by Monica. So here it goes:

☆ Post a blog entry where you write 6 positive things about yourself!
☆ Add a picture of yourself that you like.
☆ Send the challenge on to 6 others.


  • I’m inclusive
  • I’m cuddly
  • I’m outgoing
  • I’m a laidback neatfreak in a good way
  • I am dedicated to things I care a lot for, and put as much effort possible into it
  • I’m caring (I mean my main task in England is looking after my dear Renate, which I am not doing a good job at atm tho.. as she keeps bumping into things and hurting herself)

I challenge Kikki, Siri, Line, Therese, Emma and Astrid

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2 thoughts on “Yet another Challenge

  1. dougielee

    Stunning picture 😉
    And you are doing a great job, what else could you do? wrap me in bubblewrap? haha

  2. done it:D

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