My dictionary says that it is the rate of efficiency of work, so in that case you can call yesterday a very productive, as I got loads done, if it was the right load, now that’s an entirely different topic.

the day started with me waking up going online eagerly awaiting 9 o’clock, and trust me the frustration from me when gigsandtours nor ticketmaster wanted to load so i could book those bloody mcfly tickets. Finally got some in the end tho, damn gigs and tours and their blind booking, we are quite faaaar back, but apparantly the venue is tiny tiny so it shouldn’t be too bad really. At least we have our tickets. we might even get both the opening and the closing night of the tour.. as the 10th is yet to be announced.

Then I proceeded to tidy my room, because to be honest it was a complete mess and the floor hadn’t been vacumed since before christmas or something so my room wish in need of being refereshed.
So I did that, and while I was at it, i shuffled my pictures around a bit, still not 100% happy, but that’s only because i wanna rearrange my room again, move the bed and everything, but no waaaay am I doing it again, it just have to stay like this. It’s not so bad, I just wish i was closer to the radiator, so I wouldn’t freeze as much.

img_0016img_0017I also was so determined not to do my uniwork aka reading and researching that I actually decided to bake, which meant we set off to asda, where we often venture when we’ve got nothing else to do.

I bought ingredients and set off back home, well we actually went to Asda before we tidied our rooms but that’s not that important. I made the dough then tidied and then I had a shower, because I clearly needed one.. then I started baking, the dough was perfect this time, and a bit sweet because I think I might’ve overdone the sugar a wee bit:P

Anyway, they turned out pretty yummylicious if I may say so, I am such a good cook:D
While waiting for them to finish I prepared mine and Renate’s dinner, left over Tikka lasagne from friday, so it was a complicated process of sticking the plates in the microwave and warm them.

dessert was of course a cinnamon twirl or two and some coke from out baby bottles. we even have dummys to go with them:O hihi.


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4 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. SÅ flink du hi vyrri 🙂 Men æ vente fortsatt på mine kanelsnurra! :O

    Og dåkk hi så koselige rom synes æ 🙂

  2. dougielee

    Kanelsnurran e goo!!! 😀
    And we were good, cleaning our rooms!

  3. da maa du fort dae hit ja
    it’s almost empty:O

  4. oooh, kanelsnurran såg utruli go ut 😀

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