Wish list

There’s no point in denying that hoodies are very important to me, and since both Renate and Monica have been very onto the David and Goliath design I feel the urge to post some of the things I really really want. They sell them in Blue Banana in Birmingham, but it’s about £10 cheaper online, however I guess postage will weigh up for that again..

picture-11picture-23this one is my fave:D

Some harry potter merch as well:

I really should not be looking at hoodies, i already have quite a few i just love them so much.

oh and i thought these were cute too


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3 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. dougielee

    I love all of that tbh!

  2. David and Goliath e genialt! Æ trur det bli en dyr affære å kom på besøk te dåkk! :O

    Stilige gensera va det nu å!

  3. mhm,
    ae har saa loest paa dein svarte’n.
    helt serioest


    ja du maa nu baerre bynj aa spar hehe

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