Today’s catch

Had a good day in Birmingham with the girls, and also got my outfit for the party!
Can’t wait to have the full outfit on tbh..

pink neon leg warmers like this

picture-22this lovely little creation that comes off on one shoulder

I already had the tights but i’ll post a pic anyway

picture-3i also got some fishnet handwarmers thingies..
like these just longer and then pink normal ones to go on top, ooooh and a fancy clip on hair thingy. hopefully with the right hair style and the right make up it will look absolutely wicked!

Renate took some pics earlier tonight, but posting them would be spoiling the surprise wouldn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Today’s catch

  1. dougielee

    I’m a surprise spoiler haha xD
    It was a nice day ^^

  2. yeah u are, but u didn’t post me on your blog,
    and i untagged myself on facebook, not that you can see me outfit properly in that vulgar positure anyway

  3. oooh, i love the 80’s! 😀
    looking forward to see some pics 🙂

  4. i love the 80s too:D
    the style and everything

  5. Ska bli arti å sjå bilda fra fæsten! *glede mæ*

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