just another post

I have no idea what this blog post is for,
I just enjoy posting something every day, so here is today’s pointless ramblings about something yet unknown.

Today has lasted for a total of 14 hours, meaning that there’s less than half of the 26th left,
and the plan for the day was to go to the library to get a few books, and that has been done, i popped by town to get some stuff, envelops to send some things, creme eggs for Ida, and a little something for Nina for her birthday, I went by asda on my way home and bought some lunch and topped up my phone, then I got home, sat down before my precious macfly to check profiles and ended up in photoshop, mind ya I am still pretty rubbish at it and after about an hour I’d made myself a new profile for Nettby, and another hour I still had not opened those books.
I am still sat here obviously, not doing work and listening to The Doors.

infact it is my itunes who determine what my ears will listen to, shuffle is a wonderful thing.
They sing about waiting for the sun, which is kinda what I am doing, we’ve had a few days of lovely spring recently, but today there has been no sign of this glowing warm orb on the sky. It’s even a little bit colder…
It makes the focus on what is important become a bit blurred,
luckily I got a good nights sleep for once so I am actually up for doing some work…

So before I get carried away by the fast-flowing river of thoughts, I’m gonna log off wordpress and get onto my uniwork. And I found it fitting to leave you with this gorgeous picture taken by Andrew Collett, a brilliant landscape photographer


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4 thoughts on “just another post

  1. Jaa.. vet, sanger er så koselig. Minner meg om glasgow og Mel – for når vi tok den karusellen på bildet var det et live band som covr’a an.

    mja, i’m ok, i guess x) mye stress for tiden..

  2. dougielee

    BUT it has not been raining in ages!! O:

  3. it hasn’t, but it’s still depressing when it gets colder after it has been warmer hehe
    i want sunshine again

  4. Søt post 🙂 Søtis Ida!

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