inspired by the 80s

So I said I would do a blog where I tried to look up some 80s fashion, to inspire me for tomorrow’s hunt after the perfect 80s outfit.

I wanna be the star of my party hehe

This is 80s Glam girl

This is apparantly 80s make up according to google

women of the Dynasty is rocking the 80s fashion

These looked kinda cool too

some must have’s apparantly

You might even want to dress like you were in a Jane Fonda exercise movie

I personally quite digg the 80s american dancer al’a Flashdance style quite a lot

maybe less see-through tights tho.

This website has some interesting tips as well

so i am actually a bit excited about the search for a perfect costume

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10 thoughts on “inspired by the 80s

  1. dougielee

    ooooh i do like the last look!

  2. so do I,
    i might try and go for that look

  3. dougielee

    me too

  4. Mang morsomme looks den ja 😉

  5. Karina

    Wow, these were rather cool! 😀 And I like the new layout you’ve chosen. I especially adored the dress with spots and the stropless dress in the middle.
    Helt enig i forhold til det å reise med buss, det å sitte komfortabelt er ofte veldig, veldig vanskelig… :@

  6. aahh man! Gotta love the 80’s!
    Elske de klærn der!

  7. mhm me too

  8. Jaqueline

    80;s is cool

  9. vicki


    I was looking for some 80’s outfits glad i found this place i like the first one a lot. Thx for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. 80sgurl4halloween

    these look great and thanks for posting these cuz im gonna be an 80s girl 4 halloween and needed ideas and these rock

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