the 1980s

My birthday is coming up in just about 2 weeks time and after deciding against for a little while I decided I wanted to celebrate it after all, and wanted to do it in style.
Age isn’t important, but hey why not make it a tribute to the decade i was born in.

the 1980s

about fashion, wikipedia has this to say

Like the fashion of all modern decades, 1980s fashion in popular culture incorporated distinct trends from different eras. This helped form a cultivating movement of style. The most conservative, more masculine fashion look that was most indicative of the 1980s was the wide use of shoulder pads.

with Madonna as the States’ material girl and various new trends emerging.
with valley girl, new romantic which included and almost gothic treng, and then there’s of course MJ’s thriller look, and dr.martens shoes. Acid washed jeans and lets not forget the big hair, mousse became a must-have in every woman’s toiletries.

moving on to the music, wikipedia says this:

The 1980s in music were perhaps best defined by the introduction of the synthesizer around 1980 – other than this, it could be said the 1980s continued the trends of the 1970s, especially in the world of rock music. The 1980s are also well-known for when the indie music scene formed out of punk rock, with bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies deep in the underground and bands like the Talking Heads and The Smiths close to the mainstream. The 1980s were also a time of large communication between the scenes of the United States and the United Kingdom, as in the genre of New Wave music.

Did you know that most indie music genres and emo has their roots in the 80s new wave and is by some considered the best decade for indie?

stars of the 80s were Duran Duran, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, The Bangles and within hip hop there was Run DMC and Salt n Pepa.

And wait there is more to the 80s as well, we cannot forget the film industry:

The 1980s saw the continued rise of the blockbuster, an increased amount of nudity in film and the increasing emphasis in the American industry on film franchises, especially in the science fiction, horror, and action genres. Much of the reliance on these effect-driven blockbusters was due in part to the Star Wars films at the advent of this decade and the new cinematic effects it helped to pioneer.

once again Wikipedia knows the answer.
E.T from 1982 was the definite top-grossing movie of the decade with $435 million
it is probably one of my favorite movies as well so that is quite ok with me:D
And of course you have the first star wars movies, indiana jones, Ghostbusters +++

So now we’ve covered the cultural part of the decade I’ve decided to dedicate my birthday party to, now I just need inspiration to find a costume. But google is not helpfully providing me with pictures of what I want. maybe I am doing it wrong.

So before I start boring you to death with historical fact about social economy and wealth of the decade I was so lucky to be born in I will end this blog entry and possibly be back later with some photos for inspiration if google decides to become helpful

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4 thoughts on “the 1980s

  1. dougielee

    Still clueless how to dress up for your party tho.. hmmm grublings

  2. you and me both

  3. Ska bli arti å sjå ka dåkk ende opp med 😛 Men knallfarga både på kleia og sminke og stort hår e jo nesten et must 😛

  4. ja d bli vel naa saant ja:D

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