Happy Birthday Line

img_2100It’s not everyone who earns their time in the spotlight on my Blog, but this girl, she most definitely does:D
You see Line, she’s amazing, we’ve been friends since about 2005, i am not quite sure..but that sounds about right.

and she is turning 22 today, my berry is growing up and I am sooo proud.

I want to wish you the best birthday a girl can ever have, with a pint or two because I know that is very important to you, and pressies and good wishes and everything a good birthday should have.
I love you loads my darling and I always will.

Happy Birthday
Gratulerer med dagen
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

yeah you get the point right?

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Line

  1. Line

    My sweet honey!
    Tusen Takk!
    Thank you!
    Danke! (eller noe slikt!)

    Har bare fått ei gave:O frå Bestefar:D 300 kr:D

  2. d e jo en start:D
    ogsaa har du faatt blogg av mae:D

  3. dougielee

    Happy bursdag Liiiine way.. bit late men haha

  4. Line

    bloggen er jo ei gave i seg sjølv:D

  5. Line e skjønn! Og det e Ida og, for ho lager så skjønt innlegg!
    Gøy blogg! I like it ^^

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