Portnoy’s complaint!

Nope this won’t be a review, just a post of relief as I for once have actually read a book for my coursework at uni.
This was the second book on the reading list for American Humor, and with my perverted sense of humor it was actually not as bad as suspected.
Philip Roth would be proud;)

Even if you find yourself blushing slightly in shame of what you are reading it is actually one of the better books i have been forced to read recently.

Alex is a Jew, with the perfect family, the perfect life, straight A’s, model girlfriend, good manners. and since he was about 13 he has been jerking off at every possible oportunity, he even shagged the family liver dinner at 3:30 and sat down to eat the same liver at 5:30. Gross? mhm..

he makes girls cry because they are unable to perform oral satisfaction for the hero of our story.

I’d actually never think that I would be assigned to read such a book for any module at uni,well maybe for unpopular texts, because I can definitly see the controversy about this novel.

point of this is anyway that I am only pages away from finishing this book and it feels great to for once feel prepared:D

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4 thoughts on “Portnoy’s complaint!

  1. dougielee

    god job hun, it took a wanking jew to get you goin :p

  2. Vi lest ei bok av Philip Roth på NTNU sine engelskstudia å, the Ghost Writer. Merkelig bok altså. Men flink du e som gjør det du ska 🙂

  3. yeah it was the push that i needed:P

    laerern min sa at roth gjerne skreiv om joeda med superior complexes hehe

  4. Æ trur lærern din hi rett 😛

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