love, lads and all that shit

This might just be another of those rants you know..
once again about the shitty thing called love, and that usually involves lads, unless you swing the other way, but as far as I know I do not so in my case it is boys.

I just want someone to fancy, like more than just think:

“Geee that lad looks mighty fine”

Because that doesn’t really get me anywhere, I wanna have that tingly feeling in my tummy when i see someone.
Why aren’t there any guys like that in Wolverhampton? (Yes i know you have Renate)
I am so sick and tired of being like this, sure when you fall in love you often end up getting hurt, but not every time.. i want it..
I want that love they sing about in those sticky mooshy songs, like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Westlife, all those cliche songs..

Atm love sucks, big time.. because it’s pretty much non-existant.
I mean i don’t even have anyone who flatter me and make me blush, i don’t even mind if the guy is butt ugly atm.. for flattery i mean..

oh well, maybe some day he’ll come along, prince charming.. the guy i will drool over, talk about, drive my friends close to crazy because i obsess too much.(hehe)

yeh ill stop now before i ramble on into nothingness, i need to read anyway so

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5 thoughts on “love, lads and all that shit

  1. dougielee

    Oh and don’t forget the sweethearts you see in all those movies… Like wild chick, him stroking her hand.. Aww, i felt jealousy then!

  2. not helping hahaha

  3. He’ll show up 😉 One of these days 😉

  4. dougielee

    Oh sorry!!

  5. still no sign of him sadly

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