Payback is sweet

Renate can do it anytime she wants:D because it’s good.
I mean it’s no secret I enjoy surprising my best friend with visitors and stuff, so it is only fair that she gets payback.
Let me tell you the story:

It was a normal sunday, Renate had asked me to come into Birmingham with her because Jo in her class knew some great spots to photograph, i thought sure why not at least i’ll get some pie right?
On the day I almost considered staying home and do some uniwork cause I am seriously behind, but figured oh heck i’d rather go in to brum with her.
So we were waiting for Jo by the Disney store, but when i turned around it certainly wasn’t Jo standing before me..


I must’ve looked dumbstruck or something, I did not expect it at all, because she’d been saying all along she’d come to see me in April, so i was sorta moping i wouldn’t get to see her before she headed back to norway.
But oh my there she was before me, it’s the best surprise ever and I had no clue.
I got some absolutely wonderful days with her, showed her around wolves a bit, she even came to one of my lectures with me, good girl, finished uni and already eager to attend a lecture hehe.
We spent a lot of money, but that’s ok, bought some singstar games and stuff, as well as clothes, and we went to Nandos to eat, we were gonna go to Royal London for the royal dessert everyone loves, but pooface manager wouldn’t accept our driving licsense as ID so nandos it was, but we like nandos a lot, so it worked out nicely.
Sadly tuesday came around too soon, and before we knew it we were on the train back to birmingham, walking around for a while, photoshooting on the train, taking some pics around brum etc. then we headed down to digbeth the coach station, where she had to leave me behind.
I miss her already, but it was such a great time and i am very happy they surprised me, even if it meant i did shit nothing of my uniwork, i wouldn’t be without these three days.
Thanks for a wicked time my dear, i love you loads and i can’t wait to get home in May:D


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5 thoughts on “Payback is sweet

  1. dougielee

    You welcome 😉

  2. troiks

    That’s so sweet! 😀
    And thanks for the comment – I think you write awesome. 🙂

  3. aaaw, that’s so sweet! : D sounds great to be suprised like that ^^

  4. Så koselig, va verkeli din tur hen gången 🙂

  5. ja, og d va best:D

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