Grimm Tales and Horror movies

So yesterday was quite a cultural day for us two hard working students here in wolves.
Started off with heading to the Arena Theatre, where Craig had insisted that we came to saw his class’ performance, so we got to see our first school production.
it was called Grimm Tales, based on fairytales from the Brothers Grimm simply enough even if someone thought it was because the stories were a bit grimm:p
Enough about that.
We saw our friend Craig go against the evil queens will and not kill Snow White and return as the dashing handsome prince saving the girl and the day.
We also got to witness Ash Puttle fighting against her evil step sisters and win the prince, and hansel and gretel beating the witch in the candy house and go home to live with their father happily ever after, and finally we got to see the girl finding out Rumpelstilskin’s name and save her first born.

It was good fun, i was slightly missing my days as a drama student when i saw that, but they were all really good, i was impressed.

then we went home and applied for summer jobs, funny that we’ve applied to the same places hehe, i think it’s a bit obvious that we know each other tbh:P

then it was time for the cinema, and oh my Jared Padalecki was looking mighty fine, even when Jason was about to rip his face into pieces by the woodchopper.
Yes it was the remake of Friday the 13th, and i proper jumped several times.
picture-1picture-2Sorry that my printscreens are a bit rubbish, but can you see what i mean?

so after being scared for about 1 1/2 hours we went to finish off the evening at a mexican restaurant.
So we’ve been very cultural with money we weren’t meant to spend.
but we’ll just say we’re practising for egypt or something hehe..

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4 thoughts on “Grimm Tales and Horror movies

  1. dougielee

    Well it sure was a great day out! And those stories are a bit grimm!!

  2. Katrine

    i’ve actually seen that movie i think.. :O

  3. Så fancy 🙂

    E filmen verdt å sjå?

  4. ae likt dein ihvertfall,
    saa ves du like saanne filma og du like jared padalecki saa absolutt:D

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