So, both Katrine and Stine challenged me.. they did videos.. i’m a bit lame and i’m only doing photos..
Basically the challenge says pick 5 things that are important to you and say why they’re important and then challenge others.
It was bloody hard picking just 5 things really.. but yeah.. i picked a few of my most precious things..
img_0002First off is my precious MacBook, it is pretty much one of my most treasured belongings. and probably one of the most expensive ones as well. It has everything on it, my music, my photos and well its what i do all my uniwork on as well as chat with people.. it’s my key to the outside world you know.. i love it.. MacFly ❤

img_00031Secondly we have my Stitch from the Disney store.. It is cute, and it’s disney, so that kinda qualifies in itself.. but also because it reminds me of my Kikki, she’s my Stitch, because I am Lilo, so this teddy is sort of a piece of her.. kinda.. yeah.. kinda silly, but he’s like one of my best cuddly toys..and he was on sale as well:D

img_0004This is a picture Renate made me for my bday last year. She said she was really struggling with what to get me, but in the end she gave me one of the best pressies ever:D and it has the spot between all my gig pics on my wall:D I love this dearly. Particularly because Renate made it herself, which sorta tells you what skills that chick has.. Also I love her quite an awful lot, so it is extra suuuuperspecial.

img_0007Line aka Baera mi, gave me this dreamcatcher for Christmas:D It’s such a lovely one as well, it’s hanging by my bed, sadly not by my head tho, as it should, but i love it.. it was one of the sweetest presents i had for christmas:D

img_00082You might say choosing a towel is a bit of a random thing.. well i am a bit random right?
So this towel i bought when me,ann and david went to sydney in june 07, so it reminds me of my time downunder in new zealand and that wicked trip.. and just all the good times i had while i was there..

yeah there’s loads of other things i could’ve picked, but it just means there’s a lot of things that are important to me..
and i wanna challenge:
Karina, Monica,Kikki and Camilla

go nuts, just write, take pictures or make a videoblog..
if you need inspiration for a videoblog, you can check out Katrine or Stine

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7 thoughts on “Challenge..

  1. dougielee

    I think you chose all the right stuff, it sums you up well nice!

  2. ooohh! Sweet! Stitch! I want him.. And your MacBook!

  3. Kikki

    hihi 🙂 I’ll do this challenge when I get home 2 Norway 🙂 awww, my Lilo ❤ ❤ Guess what, my towel from Sydney is the only towel lucky enough to come with me home 🙂 I think of my Ida every time I see it!

  4. troiks

    Thank you! 😀 Your stuff looks awesome, I just adore little Stitch, and the picture really proofs that Renate is very skilled. I agree, picking just five things wasn’t all that easy 😉

  5. Line

    The dreamcatcher works anyway I hope:D

  6. Love it! ^^ Love the stories behind the things 😀

  7. 😀
    thank you,
    yeah they are all very special to me

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