Picture dumpage..

So i promised i’d post a few pics and stuff of birmingham.. so i figured what better time to do so than now?
Mind ya my pics are pretty rubbish compared to Renate’s but i haven’t bothered editing them or anything.. so take them as they are and enjoy the vision that is our city..








yeah that’s the ones i can be bothered to post hehe..
might do another update later with some party pics and stuff..
because i am home alone and a bit bored

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4 thoughts on “Picture dumpage..

  1. troiks

    Nice photos, Ida! What camera do you use? I imagine that you’ve said that before, but I’ve forgot. 🙂
    Urban Pie looks smashing!! I actually googled it some days ago and visualized myself entering the door. Any idea who the guy in the stairs is supposed to portrait?

  2. i cannot remember, i think it said on him, but i forgot..
    i use a canon powershot sx10
    it’s a good camera:D

  3. dougielee

    I like pie!

  4. Stilige bilda 🙂 Verka som ein fin dag da 🙂

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