those cats..

the vision Renate have been talking about with the cats is becoming more vivid in my head..
especially now around Valentines day, which i find is a rubbish day, because it only makes me depressed seeing those hearts everywhere in the shops, i mean couples can declare their love whenever they want, they don’t need an entire day just for that.. blaaah.. i know couples like it.. but i’m forever single and i actually hate it..

I mean i am the grey mouse among my friends.. I am the luckiest girl in the world really to be surrounded by such beautiful people all the time..
But fucking hell it makes me depressed sometimes too, watching everyone else being checked out and stuff.. the guy can be ugly as hell, but at least it’s attention right?
i never feel sexy, whenever i try i feel uncomfortable, because i hate my looks.. and if i hate it, how can anyone else like it? oh well..
I think i’ll be forever single tbh, not only do i seem to be good enough, i’ve been single for so long i am getting picky..
yeah i know you’re gonna say that if you were a lesbian or a guy you’d do me Renate, but you’re not.. so… we’re just as far really..

what’s the deal with guys, most of the time we call them assholes and whatnot, but we still want them..
Gaaaaaah, i don’t even have time for guys with all this unistuff hanging over me..
but valentines day makes me seriously depressed.. i might have to drown my sorrows with chocolate and get immensely fat.. (more than i already am)
i might feel good for a few minutes..


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5 thoughts on “those cats..

  1. dougielee

    Nope, that’s not what I was gonna say at all. What I am however gonna say is that it’s awful knowing I make you feel like that.. Don’t try to deny it, I do.
    “Fucking hell it makes me depressed sometimes too, watching everyone else being checked out and stuff”.. That kinda is directed towards me mostly, since well I’m the one you usually hang out with. I don’t wanna make you feel like that, and it is also sooo sad that you can’t see how gorgeous you are, even tho you now will deny it, you are. Mirrors lie in your own eyes, they have a tendency doing that. It’s awful to do such a thing, but mirrors have no feelings.
    Yes Valentine is made to make single people depressed. That is a given, and we do not like Valentine.

  2. judders

    sometimes it’s you..
    but not only you..
    because i think all my friends are pretty inside out..
    and it’s hard to see them settle down one after one..
    because i know you love me regardlessly..
    you got the full package, the looks and personality..
    i am lacking in both and that’s what makes me depressed
    and i know you know exactly how i feel..

  3. dougielee

    Would I spend pretty much every single darn day with you, if I thought you were lacking personality? God, you are the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful girl I know, I have ever known, will ever know and could possibly know. You got me in tears because I hate this. I hate that you are so blind. And I hate me for making you jealous. So I’m just gonna go to bed now, because I’m tired and exhausted and I just wanna sleep. I love you.

  4. Katrine

    You know..This is sad reading.. I really hope that you someday see yourself like I see you.. and Renate.. And everyone else I know.. That you’re a loving, generous person that anyone would be lucky to know.. And if you think I’m just saying this you’re stupid.. I wouldnt lie to you, like I hope you wouldnt lie to me.. You’re beautiful in your very own amazing way.. And some day someone is gonna fall for that!

  5. Ida..

    Jeg kjenner deg ikke så godt som Renate eller Katrine, men jeg må bare si at det inntrykket jeg har av deg er bare så godt, så positivt og du er virkelig en herlig person. Du er tross alt min lillesøsters bestevenn, og jeg ser at du har en herlig personlighet og en varme, medmenneskelighet, humor og mange andre gode kvaliteter. I tillegg så er du jo bare så søt og pen også, men det virker som du er dårlig på å se det selv. Jeg skulle virkelig ønske du kunne se deg selv slik andre ser deg, du hadde blitt overrasket over hvor vakker du er i andres øyne, både på utsiden og innsiden.

    Ikke la det å ha en kjæreste være alt du tenker på, for jeg er sikker på at den eneste grunnen til at du ikke har en gutt i armene dine nå er en tilfeldighet – den spesielle gutten har du rett og slett ikke møtt ennå, men tro meg plutselig er han der. Ikke hi opp håpet søte lille deg!
    (og ikke bit av meg hodet, for jeg vet at jeg har en kjæreste – og jeg vet at mange single mener at de som har det ikke får lov til å si noe i slike situasjoner, men det driter jeg i for jeg vet jeg har rett!)

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