New and exciting

the start of a new and better life doesn’t bring just pleasures..
I was very excited to enter the shop on my way home, or should i say our way home.. as i was of course walking alongside my sambo:P Renate.
anyway, i got a bottle of 7up, and picked out a kitkat for snack..
then my eyes suddenly turned to something very new..
With big enthusiasm i grabbed for the vision that had cause this startling surprise.
A white chocolate twix, what’s this i though..
and i had to buy it, because nothing can pass by untried..
i must say the result were disappointing..
because it didn’t really taste good at all.
but that’s just my opinion, it was quite an exciting moment when i saw this white chocolate in the shelf, but i am happy it is only a limitied edition thing, it’s not really for me.

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3 thoughts on “New and exciting

  1. dougielee

    You are living on the edge, trying new things like that! daim girl!

  2. troiks

    Whooa, that looks.. mysterious! Wonder if that one’ll make it to o-so-cold-Norway..

  3. ooh no:S Well.. White chocolate isn’t tasty at all if you ask me xD

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