I am stupid..

and silly and selfish for making people around me feel bad.. I really am.. Sure I struggle to see what they see in me, but there’s not fucking need for me to drag you guys down with me and I apologize for that.. I wise person said:
“I am what I am and maybe some day someone will come along and accept me for that”
She’s a smart girl that Katrine..

I need to learn to look at life in a more positive way,
It won’t help me at all to mope around will it? feeling sorry for myself.. crying to myself
it will only make me feel worse right?
and also make people around me feel worse..
maybe the bar crawl could be that first boost on the way to becoming a better person..

I mean most of you haven’t gotten where you are without hard work with your own self..
I know that,
i just hope i have as much courage as you guys, because i look up to you so much..
i might be older, but you still are the ones to keep me going you know..

Particularly you Renate, you’ve absolutely changed my life,
my life is so much better because of you..
You’ve changed me.. and i love you to pieces for it..
I guess I am just scared of being left behind when everyone around me is growing up..

but i promise to try and be a better person..
maybe even try to see the world from a brighter point of view..
enjoy the chances i have and try not to dwell as much on the ones that has passed me by.

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5 thoughts on “I am stupid..

  1. Katrine

    See! You are a clever girl! You can do this, yeah!
    I promise you, the world turns into such a better place to be when you jump over the fence and look at it from the postive side..
    (that sounded all poetic and stuffs :O)
    I love you ❤

  2. we are poetic
    love you too ❤

  3. dougielee

    A lot better. I hope you mean that, and that it’s not just saying to make me feel better.
    I love you two too! ❤

  4. if i were just saying it,
    you would know
    you see right through me like a ghost:P

  5. Kikki

    Ida mi ❤ ❤ ❤

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