My greatest talent..

So we all have some talents in life right?
what is mine?
avoiding doing everything i have to do maybe?
like i started off soooo good borrowed books, and everything got a folder, maps etc..
thinking this year i am really ahead of myself.. wrong mate!

I’ve found my greatest talent is to act prepared but not really be.
like reading, who wants to read when you can go to cheeky monkeys and dance.
or essay research, who wants to do that when you can go shopping..
Oh and of course there’s all these tv shows to keep up with online, like supernatural
and antm or ghost whisperer, sometimes even one three hill or even the 4400 or something..
yeah so.. I’m trying my best this weekend tho, but i know i’ll be sidetracked.
but i have the plan ready..
reading catcher in the rye today, then my unpopular text and modernism extracts tomorrow..
and then there’s a new weeks.. yeah..
oh and we’re making tacos tonight, i izzz excited yes..

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3 thoughts on “My greatest talent..

  1. dougielee


  2. Æ trur mang studenta kjenne sæ igjen i derre 🙂 E da my ainna å gjørra som e my artiar enn skolearbe 😉

  3. saroj

    vray very lapaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx………….

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