photos and shoppingsprees..

So me and Renate set out to Birmingham yd to do some touristy shots with our wonderful partners in crime, our canon’s.. hehe.. Renate’s is of course more of a pro camera as she has an SLR and i have my Powershot..
Started off at Urban pie, with a pie each and mash, well more like mash with pie like Renate prefers, hehe. It was yummy delicious today as well
We walked around for quite some time, taking loads of photos.. i hate a total of 72 after deleting my horrible looking ones.. I bet Renate has more and better photos.. but hey it was fun..
we started to get quite cold after a while so we headed inside, took a few more photos and made the mistake of walking down to new look..
We ended up shopping, yes we did. for about £80 :O
Got this lovely leather jacket:
jacketand also a pair of jeans, because i hardly have jeans to wear, and i was soooo stoked because they were a size smaller than what i usually wear:D
erezI also got a pair of boots i’ve been drooling over since I got back to Wolverhampton
I am pretty sure if I had not bought them I would’ve been forced to by the staff for constantly trying them on, looking at them and practically drooling..
They’re like these, just the brown version of them:
bootsRenate’ bought boots and a jacket like mine just in dark brown,
I assure you we looked smoking hot when we set off to the cinema last night to drool of Jensen Ackles in My Bloody Valentine, which was quite a good movie if I may say so. Won’t say anything about it, in case you wanna see it and i don’t wanna spoil the fun, but it’s a bit of a splatter or whatever you call it.. so it’s rated 18..
Today.. I went in to try and sort some stuff for my tution fees, which they said would be sorted somehow.. well she was definitely gonna try and help me at least.. and then i sent my brother’s bday present..
I also went to visit Fit, and he was home.. as was cute so it was twice the joy..
bought some cd’s..
88697472552Just for the sentimental value of it really, i have all the songs hehe.. I just couldn’t let it get away..
I also bought:
2891291407_09019bb799And finally i bought an album that made Katrine proud of me, because she likes them a lot, and well so do i, so i wanted it and bought it:
img_1_prI might make another post later on with a few of the pictures we took in Birmingham as I feel this post is stretching on now..

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6 thoughts on “photos and shoppingsprees..

  1. troiks

    Waaooh, nice lookin’ boots there! The jacket and the jeans looked great as well, congratulations!:)
    Would be awesome if you posted some photos, and I’ll consider checking My Bloody Valentine out in the near future. (=

  2. dougielee

    Jensen *drools* He was mighty hot he was! And it sure was a fun day =]
    Aww and Fit.. my darling served my darling, aww lucky you!

  3. Katrine

    I’m sooooo proud!! 😀
    i luuuv that album so much! be sure to sing it out loud! i know you can xD
    and not that i’m any expert, but the clothes and those boots look hot! :O

  4. Pookiablo

    Hey, just wanted to say you have a pretty cool blog! Looks like you got some good purchases today…although the a1 CD is a questionable choice…lol, j/k!

  5. troiks

    Live and Let Die really is a great song, and I have to agree with you regarding Jeremy. I think I’ll have to watch Peter Pan some time!

  6. Stilige kleia :):) Dåkk hi god smak 😉

    Høres nu ut som dåkk fortsette å kos dåkk i affaill 🙂

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