oh boredom..

yeah another one of those posts..
Renate is downstairs brushing her teeth and stuff, i already did that..
Tuesday of boredom, we’ve pretty much been sat on macbooks being lazy and bored..
We thought about going out, pirates night at oceana, but we’re saving the money and the hangover till next week hehe..
we bought t-shirts to participate in a bar crawl next tuesday.. valentines one even..
trafficlight and everything.. green for single, orange for unsure and red for taken..
i guess i’ll be wearing two greens, cuz that’s how single i am haha.. not really.. because from what i’ve heard if you’re green you might even get unwanted attention?
since when is attention unwanted??

oooh i hear Renate coming up the stairs now :O yay, she was quick..
who am i kidding, she always is so it’s not a big surprise..
she pees faster than anyone i know, and this time she even brushed her teeth and were done quicker than lightening..

but yeh, enough about renate’s peeing skills..
tomorrow we’re setting off to birmingham i think.
1. to get mash with pie.. yes in that order.. you see Renate loves the mash.. most of the times we’re there..
2. we wanna take lovely pictures of the city.. just cause we can:D
3. i don’t think we have a third reason we just want to go there..

sounds like another day with not so much reading and a lot of non-reading..
yeah so that motivation to do uniwork is more than welcome to kick my but any day now..

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2 thoughts on “oh boredom..

  1. Renate

    tomorrow’s gonna be great tho ❤ i love you

  2. troiks

    I want to go to Birmingham as well, you’re so lucky. 🙂
    I’m telling my secret friend Mo (tivation) that he is to step up to the play and kick your but (gently, though) one of these days. [:

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