Thoughts on a Saturday

so yeah it’s saturday again,
I guess after only a few hours of sleep it is easy to get thoughtful.
Went out yesterday with the girls again, it was cool.. Had a singstar preparty like on Tuesday, rocking down the house, went out and met Pete again, he had a new shirt haha..

I am sat here on the floor, by radiator which is getting colder because I think someone turned it off, brrrrrr. I know for a fact Renate is feeling hungover, luckily I am blessed with only being tired every single time we go out… *knock on woods*
I am glancing over at the books on my desk and I feel my heart racing, I am getting stressed by the thought of everything I have to do this year.
I am so not really for all of this, for the 3rd and final year, to figure out my next move, NOT at all..

It is scary to just be a part of the journey but not knowing where it is leading.
You would’ve thought almost 23 years on this earth would’ve provided some sort of destination ideas or whatever.. NADA.

I am actually really really scared, because I feel like I’m not going anywhere, and I’ve probably wasted 3 years of my life, and such an amount of money on a degree I won’t use for anything.. *sighs* maybe i’m slightly sentimental because i’m tired and stuff.
But to be honest i am starting to see things in perspective, and it is scaring me..
Besides my grades have gone proper downhill, so if i don’t step it up, i’ll not only have a useless bachelor, i will have a rubbish useless bachelor.. which is kinda worse..
have a meeting with my dissertation tutor on tuesday, might have at least some sort of a direction for that, which hopefully will be a relief..

anyway i’m just rambling now..
so whatever.. not like i am asking anyone to care..

I might just stop blogging all together, seeing as i don’t have much to write about, nor write much interesting stuff i guess..

and now i’m whiny, ok definitely time to stop…

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Saturday

  1. Nåååh, skjønne godt det e skummelt. Livet verke overveldanes og skummelt nånn gång, men du ska sjå du finn ei løsning på det, og du finn nok din væg te slutt. Æ hi trua på det i affaill, å æ ska lov dæ æ ikke e alein 😉

    Og æ synes bloggen din e vældi interessant å følg med på, æ håpe ikke du slutte å blogg i affaill. *klæm*

  2. awww, tusen takk Monica ❤

  3. Karina

    I think that your blog is interesting as well, Ida, so I don’t think it’s necessary for you to stop either. A bit of rambling is just fun. 🙂
    I haven’t got much clue considering the future either, but I hope that things will fall into place later on.
    I really hope that your bachelor-degree will become useful, and I think that it will… 🙂

  4. dougielee

    no matter what happens you know i’m here for you, like you are for me. don’t be so negative, that’s my job remember? hehe
    anyhows at least you’ll have some educations compared to some, who’s not going anywhere in life, you try at least, someone doesn’t even do that.
    you’re more clever than you think, your teachers are however dickyheads, and i’m gonna take my batman cape and go kick their asses

    *flying off*

  5. as you can see i am pretty good at it too..
    and i know..
    it’s just so hard when the motivation is absent

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