Get the party started..

so it was Renate’s 20th on Tuesday so the girls got together and partied like there was no tomorrow.
Starting off at our place, having some drinks singing and just having fun.
Heading out to Oceana, which normally isn’t my fave place, but hey the drinks were cheap and there were some hot lads out there, so we’re definitely not complaining.
It was actually quite an awesome night,
and well even if i’m not in Renate’s class or anything, her classmates, were awesome and well I don’t feel left out or anything when we hang out, so I am glad she’s making friends, because that means i’m getting new friends too haha.. you know that’s not why darling.
Anyway, we’re gonna put on our partyshoes (and preferably clothes) again tomorrow and celebrate my best friend once again, because hey you only leave your teenage years behind once
So even if it’s the first week back at uni and everything, I’m gonna save the good student card till next week, and just enjoy life for the rest of this week..
Because that’s more fun.. besides i’ve already taken loads of books out of the library to work on my dissertation, so i’m ahead of myself i hope..

Yeh i’m not good with the interesting long blogs..
But i’m not that much of an interesting person so bare with my ramblings and i might come up with something fun from time to time.


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3 thoughts on “Get the party started..

  1. troiks

    I think you’re clever on writing interesting blogs 🙂
    It looks as though you’re having an awesome time this week, and I really think that you deserve it!
    Have a great weekend.. =]

  2. Skulla ønska æ va der i lamme dåkk! Verke som dåkk ha det vældi arti 🙂

    Btw, æ like bloggen din 🙂

  3. dougielee

    oh damn i’m cool! erm

    i like your blog too! and i like my new shoe!
    that rhymes!
    And in case you wondered, I like my shoes partner as well..

    Ooooh class mates, you know I like it!

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