oh boredom

It is just past 1am on a saturday night.. and i am bored out of my brains..
not literally, but you know what I mean.

We arrived safely back in England on tuesday for those who wondered, however the coach drive could’ve been shorter hehe, i am not a big fan of coach trips, they take forever.

Wednesday we went into Birmingham to shop, the birthday girl needed a new outfit, but first we set out to Urban pie.. the place with the best pie and mash in the world.

Guess what, that’s all we did in Birmingham, we didn’t even go by the disney store :O
But it was nice to finally get pie and mash again, we’ve missed it a lot.
Headed back to Wolves where we raided the shops, looked for Fit, but alas he was not there.. Renate found an outfit, but decided to wait for a bit, to be sure she wanted it.
And we made taco for dinner, yeah i know where inventive..

Thursday we went back into town, Renate bought her outfit and mr.Fit was missing then as well. Today was the big hair day.. First i spent about 3 hours at the hairdresser only colouring my hair.. they took out the old dark colour in my hair and then recoloured my entire hair red, pics will be up when i can be bothered taking them:P
Renate went from yellow to more platinum and she spent almost 4 hours in the chair i reckon, but the final result was worth it. and guess what we had left over tacos for dinner.

Friday was a lazy day really, we ate out during the day, and ordered in during the evening.. so i got both chicken tikka and lemon chicken in the same day.

today has been even more lazy, sitting in renate’s warm room chilling till about 3pm, before going to asda buying food coming home to make it..
Renate was inventive and went on matprat.no or something and we found something very interesting. so today’s dinner was Enchilladas, and it was yummylicious..
yeh, very eventuful week..
but this coming week it is Renate’s bday and we’re celebrating twice:p
not everyone gets 3 parties, one in norway and two in england hehe..

We’ve also watched like a lot of movies, such as journey to the centre of the earth, confessions of a teenage drama queen, enchanted, peter, hide and seek.. oh and we watched Ulrika win Celeb big brother? now wtf happened there?

and then monday it is back to reality, it’s a bit scary tbh..

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3 thoughts on “oh boredom

  1. dougielee

    can’t we live in our bubble of nothingness for a little longer? not ready for uni just yet…

  2. carlandz

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  3. carlandz

    Srry, I FORGOT!::: http://carlandz.wordpress.com/ ::::

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