I’m wide awake..

maybe not so much wide awake, more like tired but not sleepy..
Enjoying cycle 4 of Americas Next Top Model, I think it is one of my fave cycles. Most of the girls are just really beautiful.
Not gonna tell you my fave, because then I’ll reveal the winner and well some of you might not have seen it yet and might want to.
Yeh i’ve seen all the 11 seasons before, but I’ve been rewatching it, and by saying that i’ve watched almost the entire 4th cycle today and tonight haha… Yeh I am pretty lame and I am not even gonna try to deny it.
Other than that I went to Renate’s on saturday and we made taco, ate sweets and drew mock tattoos on each other.. got some great ideas.. but i will not say anymore untill we put it to life you know..
So now I am randomly talking to Trevlar on msn, watching the 9th episode of cycle 4, and listening to the wind outside.

Another thing that is making me feel slightly excited, going back to Wolves again on Tuesday, I actually can’t wait to get back tbh. Not that I hate being home, I just want to get into swing of it again.
Just need to get all the money issues out of the way and just enjoy my time after that.
Fingers crossed it will work out nicely.

Yeh so, yet another pointless blog entry from me, but I feel the need to update just in case someone is infact reading my ramblings..

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2 thoughts on “I’m wide awake..

  1. dougielee

    i knew you had written a blog entry when you had commented on mine lol

  2. Søta du da 🙂

    Top Model e gøy! ^^

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