Lazy Day

I’m currently sat at Renate’s, and we’re having a lazy day, who would’ve thought that when we got up at 9am this morning.
But yeh we had to meet up and buy stuff to be lazy with, meaning sweets, julebrus etc..
And all set we headed back to hers and quickly settled upstairs in her bedroom.
So far we’ve watched Switch a norwegian snowboard movie (making my craving for snowboarding even bigger thank you very much)
and now she’s been teaching me some photoshop, just look at my new fancy header..
Not half bad for a noob is it? Will probably get bored of it and make a new one eventually hehe..
I know myself.. besides i’m not 100% happy with the theme either, it’s a bit plain and boring..
But you learn something new every day
So yeh i think the plan is to watch another movie, digest some more sweets and yeh pretty much keep being lazy.
And I am telling you we’re pretty good at it..
So long, and I’ll be back for more boring randomness in not too long i reckon..\


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6 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. Enyaa^^

    unnskyld at æ spør, men bildet ditt; e det enn edderkopp som blir drokna? xD

  2. Bortskjemt dåkk som hi feri ennu 😛 Skulla gjærn ha lata mæ i lamme dåkk 😛

  3. nei d er en hund som later seg paa en flytemadrass?

  4. dougielee

    LAT! 😀

  5. Katrine

    awww!! den bikkja var GROM!!

  6. Late dager er elsk ❤ hihi ^^

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