Ayena-Fene Egypt?

I can tell you where Egypt is..
It is right along the coast of the red sea at the top of Africa, the country of pyramids and camels and stuff.
Very exciting isn’t it?
Good because that is where me and Renate are heading on June 8th.
We went a bit crazy and booked ourselves a holiday, because honestly we think we deserve it.
Our parents may think it is a country filled with terror, yet my dad finally admitted it sounds quite exciting, I bet they’re just jealous:P
I mean it is not often you get to spend a week at a 5 star deluxe beach hotel, located directly on the azure blue Red Sea shore. A place to relax and chill out completely.
So I’d say we’re ready to be enchanted by Egyptian hospitality and culture in the lovely Hurghada at Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel..
looks lovely doesn’t it?






So now Uni can just come and be as though as it wants because we know we have something awesome to look forward to.
So long, or as they say in Egypt: Maa El salama!

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3 thoughts on “Ayena-Fene Egypt?

  1. dougielee

    gleder meg saann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sjer skikkeli fancy ut, bli sekkert ein super tur 🙂


    very exciting because i will olso go there its look very nice and big

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